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Headlines elect

Ok I dont fully get this the electoral college thing I mean should the popular vote win because that who the American people want to be president it like really the votes dont count because they said Kerry would win the popular vote but bush would win the electoral vote so shouldent kerry win or am I missing a very important part of the puzzel

Captain 151

Seeped in a dry Merlot
missspell said:
Kerry would win the popular vote
Kerry didn't even win the popular vote. He lost by about 3 million if i can remember correctly.

The electoral college is in place because our forefathers knew how stupid the masses are.


Equal opportunity annoyer
tbsrk said:
The electoral college is in place because our forefathers knew how stupid the masses are.
Well said. The electorial college is there because, if it wasn't, the candidates would spend all of their time in New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago. Think about it.

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Homo est Deus
It was started by our founding fathers because there was no media, because people didn't know about the issiues back then.


Chaotic Neutral
I think what she meant was, should'nt the popular vote win over electoral college? If not, why?

Well each state wanted to have their own proportionally balanced weight in the election of the president. The more the state has people, the more it has weight. But it's only an illusion of democracy if you ask me, because a victory of 50%+1 and a victory of 100% in any state leads to the exact same electoral college votes. it stinks.