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Electronic Music Bands?


Hella Constipated
I've always loved electronic music, but lately I'm getting hardcore into it, and I need suggestions. Hearing the same stuff over and over is pissin' me off.

What groups do you guys recommend?


Hella Constipated
PatticusRex said:
I dunno, what bands do you listen too?
Mainly generic remixes and stuff as of now. But this is the kid who made a 90-minute loop tape of the Mission 4: Armada theme from Sega's Shadow Squardron as a kid, so I'm open to anything. I still dig that song though, it's playing off my TV as I'm typing this.


Powdered Toast Man
Ah I see...check out It has some techno and stuff, some mixes may be 5 minutes, some are over an hour. It's pretty intense raver stuff though.


The Iron Lung
electronic is different than techno and shit like that

you have to decide whether you're going to get into ambient type shit or like trance.

Infected Mushroom
any of the "ambient meditations" cd's
Newer Radiohead

i'm not claiming to know alot about the genre but in my experience...this is some of the better shit.

from there you should be able to get into it....shpongle and IM are more trancey and ambient meditations is just that....if you've never listened to Radiohead Kid A all the way through at least might be a redneck.


You can see what I listen to by clicking here. It's kind of hard to give suggestions if you don't know what you like, but I'll give you a few of my favorites.

Big Bud - Real good two step/down tempo drum and bass
Adam Freedland - UK Breaks
Breakbeat Era - Roni Size side project; good drum and bass album
Hybrid - Good progressive Breaks
Chris Fortier - Progressive breaks
Chemical Brothers - Big beat / breaks
John B - Nu electro / drum and bass\
Krafty Kutz - Hip hop / electro breaks
Uberzone - Electro breaks
Crystal Method - Breaks
DJ Dara - Hard drum and bass
Plump DJs - Nu skool breaks
Aquasky - breaks / drum and bass
Black Sun Empire - hard dnb
Nu Breed - Nu skool breaks
Omni Trio - Atmospheric / down tempo dnb (check out Rogue Satellite and Haunted Science)
Technical Itch - Hard dnb
Koma and Bones - Nu skool breaks

I can think of a lot of other stuff, but I don't know if you'd like what I listen to. Anyway, that should give you an idea. Btw, here are some sites for mixes.

DOA - drum and bass and jungle.
Hybridized - progressive breaks / trance