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embarrassing butt problem


a quite crazy friend of mine decided when rather drunk to let her boyfriend give her anal although it hurt to much so she changed her mind and called it off. :confuse:
she has now developed some sort of blister or spot just outside her butt hole and wont go down to the GUM clinic to get it checked out. her boyfriend is a total asshole (LOL) skank who probably has loads of diseases. could this have been contracted? maybe if someone knows what this is she will go get herself checked. life sucks doesnt it. :thumbsdn:


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Friction burn? I dunno, just one big blister doesn't sound much like any STD I know of. I could run ti past my mom later, she's a nurse. were they going dry, or using shitloads(pun not intended) of lubricant? if they were going dry it really could be something like friction burn.

oh, I know, have her call sue johansen, the old chick that talks about sex on that sunday night show. she'll know something.


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actually when I was a teen, I had a cyst surface on my lower back(otherwise known as the top of my crack in my ass). It was from an ingrown hair that could of started as early as, me being formed in the womb. It just took that long for it to surface. It was internally at the base of my spine in my ass crack, but also a puss hole opened on my ass cheek. It leaked puss and blood into my underwears.. rather embarassing at gym class. never the less she might wanna get it checked out, I went through like 6 months of doctors visits after surgery to keep an eye on the area to assure it wasnt getting re infected.


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Life does suck. For you're friend anyhow.

I'd say pop them, but honestly convince her to get it checked.


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Does it hurt? STD's are serious business. I'm no doctor but I could probably tell you if it's an STD, and which one it is (go health class!).


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ummm could be a hemroid, didn't they use a condum? :confused: but hemroids are caused by sevier pressure, ummm maybe thats it, but still she should have it looked at, she dosen't have to tell the doc how she got it, unless it is an std, then she's only putting herself at greater risk by leaving it and potential future partners. i know of a guy who had sex with a chick, wore a condum, it broke :rolleyes: of course. he contracted genital warts from her. he never asked or told anyone about them for years, i mean YEARS. people started to think he went the other way. anyhoo, they are treatable and can be removed, he didn't know that, until i told him. so maybe whatevr she has can be treated. :rolleyes: tell her god speed and make sure the guy wears a condum next time ;)


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mayb its just a shitball stuck 2 her ass hair....she could missed that lonely ass hair when she was shavin......