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Emulator Fans Rejoice.


Hella Constipated

Just got wind of this. The Sega Saturn controller has been released for USB 1.1 compatible PC's/Macs.

So now, you can enjoy Genesis/Megadrive/Saturn/SNES/3DO titles like they were meant to be played!

It is 100% identical to the original - it's HID compatible. Plug it in and go.

Sadly, it's $40. But it's well worth it, in my opinion. This is the first decent control pad I've seen for emulator use. Every other one so far I've used has had a shitty directional pad, ESPECIALLY the Gravis products. Sega's D-Pad's have always been regarded as some of the best, hell, the Genesis 3 6-button controller has the greatest one I've used to date.

This is a must have for any emulator user, regardless of platform. It has six action buttons and two shoulder triggers so it will work well with anything.

That stuff Is Freaking Sweet! Aw Man, Can't wait to try it out.:)