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Emus got Pwned!


"I'm a Song From The 60s"
OK now if this isn't some fucked up shit I don't know what is! This friend of mine who has been living in the UK for the past few years is back in town visiting for a few weeks. Today she took her Dad to the airport, and on her way back home some WEIRD shit happened.

She's cruising along the highway, at about 110km/h (close to 65mph) listening to the radio just generally enjoying her rental car (a Pontiac Aztec), as she hasn't driven since she's been over there. All of a sudden - SMACK! She's hit two fucking EMUS!! Yes, that's right. In the middle of the highway, in British Columbia, Canada, there stood three emus, two of which my friend SAAAAAA-MOKED with her ugly sport utility rental. They busted up the headlights and front end, went up over the hood and smashed into the windshield before flying (likely their first and last experience at this) over the top of the vehicle. This naturally scared the living SHIT out of my friend who then proceeded to roll off to the side of the highway.

But it gets better...

The cops finally came, and the whole incident (mashed up Aztec complete with feathers in the grille, two large, dead flightless birds and one very distraught woman) caused traffic to back up in both directions for 40 minutes and attracted the attention of the local news helicopter. She probably would have made the news tonight had it not been election day and all the stations were covering that.

She's not a resident of the Province anymore so she refused to go to the hospital because she's got no medical coverage, so she's kinda sore and shaken up, but otherwise OK. Now she has to explain to the rental company how their Aztec ended up mashed up with feathers in it. She also got pulled over on the way home because her headlights were out - the cop let her go after she told him what had happened. He just said "Oh yeah, heard about that one. Sucks." and let her off with a warning.

Talk about BAD LUCK. Fucked up eh?!




Way too hyper...
Happens all the time here (i guess it would in Oz...)

I've hit an emu, two kangaroos, a wombat, and countless cane toads...

It would be pretty starange in Canada, however, driving in the bush in Oz, you almost have to hit something, especially at night because they are evrywhere then... its bad when it happens, but it does happen


"I'm a Song From The 60s"
Emus and Canada

Lol. I know about the Emus in Oz. But I think there are a few farms here in BC which is where these dumb fuckers came from.


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Sucks for emus. They're a popular joke at my school.


Do people sneak into the school and put live emus into thier enemies' lockers?

I live in Rednecksville, and someone did that with chickens. It was hilarious.
I love emus

They rule. For many reasons, when i was in kindergarten we went to a place called blue gum farm, and we each got a paper bag of food pellets to feed animals with. When we went by the emus i held my bag out to it and said " just one". And the thing just attacked me! I love that thing its so violent. And i also heard that the design of their feathers makes them bulletproof to certain types of ammunition?


I don't know about them being bullet-proof, but if you peg one between the shoulder blades with a rock it will go down.