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Headlines End of real reporting


The right is wrong
With Peter Jennings passing, Dan Rather and Tom Brokaw both retired I feel that an age of non-corporate honest reporting has passed. Though there where times I thought anyone of the three could be biased at any given time, I believe that all three tried very hard to present the news fair and honestly.
As corporations take over more control over the information we see, we will need strong men and women that see reporting more then as a job but as a responsibility to present the facts and let us make up our own minds.

The people we get our news from today are less reporter and more commentator. This is true on both side of the isle left and right. The left pushes their ideals and views just as much as the right, the right has just been doing it a little longer so they're a little louder.

As an American I find it harder and harder to find out what the actual facts are, and what is spin or half truths.

So far the only thing I have been able to find that I feel is neither left or right and tells both sides is Does any one else have any favorites that they honestly trust to give facts not spin?


Resident Conservative
too bad I didn't have my webcam on.. you woulda seen me fall outta my chair when I read the words "fair and honest" to describe Dan Rather...