English difficulties rule!


Put it in MY butt...
So I´m living in Mexico right now and attending an "elite" private university. Anyway, I get a kick out of the other Mexican kids trying to figure out how to say certain things in English for class assignments by discussing it with each other right next to me when they all know that I´m a native-speaker and could easily help them.

I also dig my retarded Chinese roommate that thinks who knows how to speak English and sucks even worse at Spanish. When people fuck with him (because Mexicans always fuck with each other) instead of saying, "Leave me alone" (because he's an uptight bastard that is constantly irritating and can't handle attention in a normal way: see clickies 1, 2) he usually says, "Don't fuck me!" Although it sounds more like "Doh, fah-hk mee!"

Ah, good times.