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i go to a camp, its wonderfull. we are split up by age and sex.

i was an iroq, the guys above us were the souixs.

we have gaint games of dodgeball, its out only source of entertainment...besides da ladies.

every1 was planning to steal the souix flag, as dodgeball pride, but no1 did. i got really sick of it, and desided to do it alone.

and now: the story.

twas a crisp summer day, we had all just eaten dinner. we eat with the soiuxs, but they have some crazy meeting after dinner. me and a few friends were gonna get it that day...but they pussied out. i got angry at their...pussatude.
I desided randomly that it is my duty to take it. i went to the soiux camp grounds. it was nearly empty except for some losers that dont like meetings. so i snuck behind their outhouse. and stalked from cabin to cabin, until i found the flag. i grabbed it quickly and ran into the woods...to bad i didnt see there was only about 5 feet of moving room. so they didnt notice that the flag was gone until i ran into "souix trail" there were about 5 guys following me so i ran into a secret little path that not many people new about. they ran past not seeing me. i took 5 and hid the flag there. i came out without the flag and ran to the nearby beach (the chesapeak). i went up the hill that is the entrance to the chesapeke. two GIANT 16 year olds were there waiting for me to come up.



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great story...love the "pussatude" :thumbsup:

p.s. where did the councelors touch you???
p.p.s. did you like it?