WTF ... IS WTF!?
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Err... Is it me?


Assassain Wumpus Hunter
Hey I was just wondering at the avatar section, it says the dimensions for your avatar should be 75 by 75 pix. or under a certain limit (I cant remember :( I shouldnt of made myself pass out so many times today) .

I have made like 10+ avatars expermenting and I set the dimensions at 75 by 75 but over the size which should still let me put it on right? I set it at 74 by 74 over the size and still wouldnt let me use avatar.... anyone else having this problem?


Liquid-Zero said:
anyone else having this problem?
No. You just read it incorrectly. It has to meet both criteria.

Try saving the file as a .gif if it's too large.