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Pravda.RU:Science and Culture:More in detail US: sex selection is permitted to the parents

22:16 2005-03-24
Parents should be allowed to choose the sex of their children to achieve a balanced family, MPs have recommended in a report that has opened up divisions in a parliamentary select committee.
The report, from the Select Committee on Science and Technology, also recommends the abolition of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority and says that opposition to reproductive cloning is based ?more on taboos than coherent argument¦.
The final report, published today, was agreed by just four members of the ten-strong committee, plus the chairman, Dr Ian Gibson.
Later, when the committee gathered to agree a summary and a press release, the minority MPs blocked agreement on both. Instead, an informal summary was issued yesterday by the office of Evan Harris, one of the five who approved the report. The others were Dr Gibson, Robert Key, Brian Iddon and Des Turner.
The dissidents assert that the proposals are too libertarian and fail to uphold the precautionary principle that is at the heart of contemporary legislation. They also maintain that insufficient regard was given to public opinion and ethical arguments, publishes the Times Online.
At the moment in the UK, sex selection is only permitted if there are strict medical reasons. This could be because there is a serious sex-linked disorder in the family, such as Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy.
But the MPs say that people who, say, have all boys and want to have a girl should be able to do so.
Alan and Louise Masterton, from Monifieth, near Dundee, are one couple who desperately want a daughter.
They have four sons, and their daughter Nicole died in a bonfire accident aged three, tells BBC News.

would you pick the gender of your baby if you could (under any circumstances), and why?


Lost Soul

Personally, I feel it would be better not to know.

It’s your kid. It should not matter what gender they are/will be. :thumbsup:


If ppl are allowed to choose the gender of their unborn children, it would more likely have the opposite effect desired... Instead of creating BALANCED families, it would foster UNbalanced families; why have a girl whose wedding you'll have to pay for, when you can have a boy who can do all your manual labor. Or why have a boy who will leave you at 18 when you can have a girl that will stay near you forever. {insert other bogus reasons ppl do stupid sexist shit here}

Especially in certain geographical areas where women don't want their daughters to be sold into brothels or slavery or left to die because they aren't boys. Not only would it create a huge social imbalance,(not enough family wealth to pass on to the multitude of boys, etc) but dude, Nobody likes a sausage fest.

Captain 151

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This has been an issue for a while now, and I am 100% against it. I understand that a father may want a son after having 3 daughters, but I still find it ethically wrong.


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tbsrk said:
This has been an issue for a while now, and I am 100% against it. I understand that a father may want a son after having 3 daughters, but I still find it ethically wrong.

You'd think you'd have an argument to back that up after stating a typical situation.