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Ever tore a tendon? It's complete bullshit.


I tore my subscapularis tendon (main rotary cuff tendon) about three months ago. I'm sick of it. Told my surgeon at this point we should just cut the whole arm off, only slightly joking. He wants to wait three more months before we decide if I'm getting surgery to fix it.

Apparently I frayed the three other tendons and tore the main. Gotta let those frayed ones heal first. Haven't slept in my bed in three months, husband is terrified of having sex, my arm hurts constantly. At least my kids are being kind and better than they have during their fourteen years of existence (I think they've become possessed, but I'm not complaining).

Life sucks. Ok, not really, just the shoulder, life's great. Shoulder sucks.


You're my number two
Anyone who doesn't embrace the exhilarating sensation of a torn tendon is a total pussy. Push through it bro. No pain no gain. Fear nothing.
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I pushed through it the first month. I kept telling everyone, I don't think it's normal for a burning sensation from my ear all the way through my fingers. I couldn't move my arm. Everyone thought I tore a muscle, at this point I wished that were true.

Hopefully, since the tear is inside the tendon, I might luck out in three months and not need surgery. I've not taken any medicine besides the antiinflammatories. I'm not big on them. Even though stronger medicines have been pushed on me.

Never push through a tore tendon, learn from me. I almost tore the others doing that. That's why they're frayed.

Statistically, I'm too young for shoulder surgery and the success rate is minimal (less than 60%) and heal time is right at 6-8 months. Fuck that.

Now if my fingers would stop swelling up every time I'm up for a few I'd be great. No more picking up beds for me. My niece had crawled under it while I had it up a little to fix the carpet, I had to complete the push forward or else she would have been seriously injured.
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Loves the footy! Carn the roos!

Back in 2015 i broke my left humerous bone in three places after some clumsy fucker decided to bump me instead of the skipton player in front of me.
I was goal umpiring a central highlands footy league game at skipton when this happened 5 minutes into the third quarter.
I felt all the little bones breaking as i left the field.
I had surgery as the bones were all over the place. Was in hospital for three nights. 18 months later i returned to the game.
@Myzyri get yourself looked at seriously because if you don't you will fuck your shoulder up even more.