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Every game I play, I feel so unlucky while playing it. My life feels like garbage.


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In sports, I'm ignored or always overshadowed by the person next to me.

In video games, I always get hit by stray objects, get affected by the smallest amount of lag which gets me killed, my reaction time isn't being registered in my keystrokes, and I'm always getting killed by something. Stray projectiles always hit/kill me when they're intended for someone else, and I can't even play a full match of Overwatch without raging. In World of Warcraft, I always get enemies aggro'ed onto me when they're super far away, or when I'm cloaked and get randomly uncloaked by nothing, and every time I go to melee in Call of Duty, I end up getting melee'd first because my melee doesn't register first, even though I visibly see it.Game mechanics hardly function for me, and literally everyone is better than me at the things I work tirelessly and very hard on, with no avail to being better than the person next to me. People didn't really like me at school, and people don't really like me now, even though I don't give them a reason to, and people like picking on me. My parents aren't really proud of me, and I feel like a deadbeat to them because they say all the time "You need to put effort into something," or "You always half-ass stuff," even though I'm still trying to build myself up in the world. My grades in school were always between Cs and Bs, and never As, and nobody thinks I'm trying hard enough, even when I put thought into the things I do.

What the hell do I do? I'm trying my best and nobody sees it. Everyone's always trying to control me, never thinking about what I want to do academically; they always tell me "Your ideas won't work," and "Your work ethic is absolute shit."

I play games, trying to open up a career opportunity through there to make my later life more fun, and I work on electronic music, trying to make my life better, trying to express myself, but I'm only getting constricted by people who think I should be doing better, while continuously pointing out that my ideas are worthless, that it looks like I'm slacking off, etc.

At least I'm fucking trying! Pro!

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At least you fucking trying!
Many gamers don't have that power and use cheats, to pass events in game.


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So you're not athletic, and you enjoy vidya gaems... welcome to the club lol. And on an outside guess, your family and friends (those who have jobs/careers), probably work in the service or industrial trades. Your efforts to make a career out of electronic music is met with difficulty because such a field is alien to them and they see no value in it because it's something that doesn't affect/benefit them. Which is also why they see flaws with your "work ethic".

Also sounds like you might be a teen, which makes things even more difficult because your whole world of what affects you surrounds you. My advice is to keep plugging away at what you're doing. If you do well enough, you'll have quite the successful career. When you get through with school, leave that pool of negativity behind. Go chase what you dream and show them what the fuck is up when you're pulling some major bank off of your shitty work ethic ;)


I notice your entire language used in the post is victim language. You listed out everything you are the victim of. I hate to tell you this as you already seem to live in a deeply negative mind state, but at the end of the day, nobody cares or cares about you. We are small blips, microscopic...maybe even quantum specs on the map of existence. Nobody how good or bad you are at things, you have all the power in the world to be whoever you want to be, regardless of what people say to you. When I say you can be whatever you want to be, it doesn't mean. 'you're meant to be...'. There are many things I tried that I so desperately wanted to be, but they didn't workout and/or I wasn't good at them. I didn't quit there, or even after the 100th time and say, ERRRMMEEEGGERRD I suck at everything and will be nothing. I simply said, this isn't it, I will find it. But if I give up or cast doubt, I for sure, will never find it.

If you don't take hold of your destiny, you won't have one. If you expect other people to play a role in the successful obtainment of your destiny, you will fail. You have to lead your life from the front, have hope you will get where you're going, and never quit.

If you give everything I said and honest try, and still feel like its impossible, I would see a mental health professional as its possible you have a clinical level of depression, bipolar, etc. Good luck, I hope you read this without attaching a negative POV to this.


I've never seen boogers so green.
Everyone's always trying to control me, never thinking about what I want to do academically; they always tell me "Your ideas won't work," and "Your work ethic is absolute shit."
Do you have the same parents as me? My mother still tells me my ideas won't work. She thinks that since I do not "take whatever job you can get", that I am not trying.

When I was in high school, I spent a lot of time on the family computer writing programs. (I was self taught.) My mother would tell me not to spend so much time "playing" on the computer. She did not understand that my "playing" could lead to a career.

And on an outside guess, your family and friends (those who have jobs/careers), probably work in the service or industrial trades.
That is some great insight. This describes my parents. They are the kind of people who lack creativity and imagination. Furthermore, they have always worked for someone else. They believe the only way to make money is to do exactly what others tell them to do.

nobody cares or cares about you.
Your wife cares about you. Sometimes all it takes is someone close to actually believe in you. Some people do not have that someone. When the only people close to you, think you are a loser, you tend to be one. Pep talks from people who do not know you well enough to understand your situation do not help much. They often even sound condescending. The mental health professionals, I have seen, never really care enough to understand me at a deep enough level.

@AquaFire_009: You sound like you have finished high school, but still live with your parents. Maybe you do not have the grades or money to get into a University. I would suggest taking courses at a community / technical college. You may meet an instructor that can guide you towards your goals.

Since you like video games, but are not very good at playing them, you might want to consider making them. Learn to code. This could also help in your pursuit of electronic music since musical waveforms are essentially mathematical formulas.

Maybe there are some other forums online with like minded people who want to collaborate on projects. However, I have never found any and instead I have stuck to this forum. :meh:
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Gonna say part of that might be your fault but I get your point. I've had poor connections and slow computers too.
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I've never seen boogers so green.
Games of chance really suck. Losing board games because I kept getting bad rolls, and losing card games because I keep drawing the wrong cards.
Games that do not have a random element to them are also not any fun unless the opponents are evenly matched. Take chess for example. I once had a friend who always wanted to play chess with me because he knew he could beat me. A couple of times, though, he made a dumb move and lost his queen, leading me to just barely beating him. I later told him that I could just barely beat him if he did not have a queen. He took this as a challenge and so we played a game where he started without a queen. I managed to barely beat him and he got so mad he did not speak to me for six months. In hindsight, the guy was quite a narcissist.
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