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everything sucks now

oh man....freaking a i'm so fucking pissed. ok i dont even fucking do anything to get yelled at by my familyand you know what????

i fucking get it every fucking day! like lst night i was sittin there THINKING i was having a good time with my family and they know i'm krazy bout skateboarding and shit adn so they fuckign call me a poser. just because i love it and stuff. i'm frekaing learning they dont have any right to cal me a poser and then we just got in a fight likenone other and i was sitting there and then out of the blue they're lke no one cares about you i was like WTF?!?!?!? and they're like these guys dont CARE ABOUT YOU i was like thanx mom its the perfect way to end an already bad WEEK. so i 'm way pissed ne ways and they're trying to make me prove to them that i can skateboard and stuff and i'm like no you fucking call me a poser then i'm not gonna do it! and so i go inside the house slam the door as hard as i can and i'm go into my room
and then my parents are like you need to do the dishes and i'm like I DONT EVEN EAT HERE ANYMORE and they're like so i'm like WHY SHOULD I DO THEM when i dont even use them and so i go do the dishes and i'm already pissed and my parents are like KNOCK OFF THE ATTITUDE nad i'm like i dont have an attitude do i? then my dad comes stormign up to me and is like DO YOU HAVE A PROBLEM???? i was like NO DAD I DONT. (sarcastically) adn we stare at eachother and i continue the dishes and he's still standing there about ready to punch me and shit and so i'm like DO YOU MIND? and he's like YEAH I DO and i'm like well then you can leave.
adn then my parents have the guts to tell me that i can leave my house and that they basically dont want me there. i was like fine fuck you too. and i replied, maybe i should just leave. they're like fine do and so i go in my room and slam my door and they then tell me i cant have my door closed. hell i have my door closed all the time. whats the point????
then i go outside and i actually ride my skateboard for a lil bit and that doesnt calm me down and so i call colter, my exboyfriend becuase he knows what goes on at home and so i'm bawling my eyes out and i call him and he answers and he's like shit what happend. i was like my parents and he's like oh shit again and i'm like yeah and he's like i should come pick you up but i dont have my car. i was like dude! and he's like i know i'm really sorry and stuff like that and he's asked me what was going on and i told him and he's like your parents need to learn that that shit hurts. i was like ya i know. and he's like you should just leave and i was like no i cant because i'm going to efy next week remember? and he's like oh ya and i was like maybe i will next time they piss me off and he's like i WILL come pick you up. even if i dotn have my car i wll. adn so i calmed down and so i go inside and i dont even speak to my parents or my my sisters fioncee cuz he was in on it too.

and so he comes into my room while i'm sorting my clothes and he's like i'm sorry. do you hate me now? i was like maybe. and he's like dont be like that and i'm like you know what? i dont freaking care anymore. m and d need to learn that that shit hurts! and he's like maybe what you do hurts them and i'm like what finding who i really am so of course i'm gonna act like this. i'm really sick of them. and he's like just htink and so we talked for a bit and i cried my eyes out until 1 am. after he left. it sucks. sometimes i HATE my family...sorta liek today..well nnot my siblings but my paretns.
i had that same poser problem too, just ignore them. people that are like that are just arrogant assholes. and you should respect your parents, they give you so much.
Its good to be finding yourself and finding what you love to do and who you are. But please leave out the valley girl likes etc it makes you sound VERY young although you may be who knows. Pluse everybody goes through that point in time with their parents. I did with mine.


Being naked just feels so a-peeling
THAT was kind of hard to read..try to spell right (I know you don't always on the mood but it makes it easier to read)
but yeah..hate posers, and hate ppl who think ure a poser just becouse youre really loving something


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Turn it around and call them posers. THEY FAIL AT LIFE!!!
ya sorry

ya sorry about that. i'm the type of girl who uses like alot. its where i come from. and sorrya bout misspelling them. i was kinda WAY pissed that day. ya i know is hould respect my parents because they give me so much, but i get blamed for things i didnt even know i did. there was this one stupid reason and me and parent fought for about a week straight. it was because some one had dropped COOKIE CRUMBS on the floor and they blamed it on me. finally my brother and my sister came forward and told my parents they did it. its retarded.