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Ewww, that smell... That smell that surrounds YOU!

speaking of whats that smell..

one time we were interviewing people who applied for retail sales rep.

there was this one girl.. who i remember fondly.. named janique (pronounced juh-neek-wah) who wore a TIGHT black mini leather skirt and a New Orleans Saints t-shirt. Normally we just tell people like that "we've already filled the position", but i thought i'd give this one a shot.

so we go into the back and she sits down. we talk, and then she laughs and.. her legs spread. she had no panties on. if i could only put the vagina into description.. everyone who read this would vomit. i almost did. i had to cut her short because the fish-smell almost gagged me.
you'd think she'd at least wear a thong and clean up before a damn interview.

Jason and I go by the "I'd hit that" policy. to me, cute face/body, decent clothing, and good smell=I'd hit that. I'd hit that=gets our attention

unfortunately, we decided that Janique wasn't "I'd hit that" material. i think the worst part was the smell.


Umm yeah.... this deserves it's own thread. While the original thread was about getting caught about masturbation... this was just about some skanky snatch. :thumbsup: