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tzedek said:
im guessing nobody knows anything about photochopping...
I've started a photochop thread. I'm sure you're the only one "in the know" about photochops. Search my thread and contribute, I'd be happy to have some more. Only contribute work that you've done yourslef though.

On another forum we have phtoshop contests every friday. On a different forum I post on photoshop is the main focus. I started an MSPaint thread here too, it failed as well.

I'd like to express my condolenses though; this thread will be locked, as it's a picture oriented thread. There's a gellery for that. Picture threads clutter up the forum and will NOT be tolerated. Unless of course, said pictures are of members or their pets.

edit: I did this ps earlier for an "animal anomilies" thread on another forum.



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TheLampIncident said:
This pretty much sums up any opinion I have of you.

Go back to your AIM chats and talk cybershit with your cybersex pals you waste of a fuck.

harsh :lol:
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