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Existance: A Speculation


Blunt Logic
This is a philosophy paper I wrote for my Writing for College class, so feedback would be nice. There might be a few minor spelling/grammer errors which i can fix at a later date. I am looking for feedback concerning the overall content/concept of the paper. Thanks in advance.

Many have looked deep into themselves on dark lonely nights, laying in their bed waiting for sleep to take them and asked, “What is the point?”, “What does it all mean?” I am writing this not to answer this question for you personally, but to share with you my point of view, and perhaps help you assess these seemingly unfathomable questions with a clearer state of mind. The following is a series of thoughts and opinions I have formed on my own about these questions most would deem unanswerable.
It is natural for many people to search for meaning in life, asking themselves, “Why are we here?”, “What the point of existence?” But to answer these questions we must ask ourselves another. What is existence? As defined my Webster’s Dictionary existence is, “life, continuance of being, occurrence, specific manifestation; an entity, an actuality.” Not a very satisfying answer, for the definition in itself is almost circular, defining “existence” with “life” and other synonymous words. Since the dictionary doesn’t exactly give us the definition we are looking for, does that make it indefinable? I think not, but finding a definition that has meaning is no easy task. To each individual the definition may vary, but perhaps if you hear mine you will better be able to form your own. Existence, as defined by me, is the movement of all things through the flow of time. The reason this definition works for me is very simple. If something exists it must exist in time or it is not part of existence as we know it, so for existence to be, time must keep moving. That definition may be a little confusing for some so picture this. There is a stream with a group of twigs floating down its steady current. If one of the twigs were to just stop and the rest were to keep flowing the lone twig would be removed from the rest of “existence”, or twigs in this case. My theory on existence relies heavily on multi-verse theory. According to this theory one stop in time for any object removes it from its state of existence into one existence during which time resumed. So if by some feat of science time was stopped for someone for one second and then restored they would be transferred to a plane of existence one second behind that of his original origin. Going into any more depth is a tangent unnecessary for this discussion. The main point being that time is a vital element of existence.
Now that I have attempted to define existence in a way that will help us discover its point, we move on to discussing its destination which I feel is another key element. Some people will say that your life’s destination is what you make it, while others choose to believe that destination is predetermined. I like to use an analogy to compare and contrast these beliefs. Some see time as a river, confined to its banks it flows to a destination not entirely known but a never changing destination none the less. Others see time as a hose placed at the top of a hill. When the water is turned on one cannot be sure in which direction the water will flow, and while some destinations can be seen they can also be changed by manipulating the flow of water. Even so the end remains unclear for the contours of the land could still throw off where the water was originally headed. My belief is a mix of these two, I feel that the final destination is set but how you wind your way down to it is entirely your choice.
Given a basic understanding my beliefs in destinations of life as well as my definition of existence I will do my best to explain my thoughts on the “point” of existence. It would seem the “point” of life at first glance would be circular, the reason being that one of the greatest instincts of animals is to survive. Does that mean that the point of life is to live? Not entirely, there is an instinct that I believe points to the true meaning of life, the instinct to protect ones young even if it means putting your own life in mortal danger. This does not mean that the point of life is to procreate and do your best to make sure your children lead a happy, healthy life. While that is a noteworthy goal, it is in no way the point of existence. It is my belief that the point of life is to merely exist, all the while affecting others; your life has inconceivable effects on the world around you. Think for a minute, how your life would be different, if one of your friends never existed. Your life might be a lot more different that you might think. For example, if John never existed he never would have had that party where you met that guy or you met that girl, you never would have broken your leg that time you went rock climbing with him. It can even be more subtle than that, you never heard that joke John told to cheer you up when you were feeling down. Each of those things that never would have happened branch off into a million things that wouldn’t have happened due to the previous action’s absence. So with that in mind I have come to the conclusion that the point of life is to affect other people’s.
All of this is speculation, ideas, and beliefs. I can only hope that reading this has done a little more than bore you into a coma. But guess what? According to my above formed belief structure reading this has changed your life. Maybe not in a huge way but then again who knows, maybe years down the line this will all mean something. Scary thought isn’t it?
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I probably should have realized by the title that it would be long ... but I'll read it at some point when I have more time and actually comment.

meh_it_all Sexy Pimp-ette.
You know, It was pretty long, but It was good.
It had you keep reading to find out more, which is always good, and it has a nice ending point.