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Dreaming to live
All the complexities of the universe, and the universe only exists in four dimentions. Think about this:

0D. a point (paradoxical, an infinately simplified location)
1D. A line
2D. A plance
3D. Space. (the universe... a point?)
4D. Time. (on a timeline?)
5D. Paralel timelines? (alternate dementions?)
6D. Beyond my comprehension. (another spacial concept (a point???)
7D. Beyond my comprehension. (on another line???)
and so on...

I don't understand the nature of the universe and therefore cannot prove anyone's existentual beliefs false and therefore have none myself.

What do you all think?


In Memory...
I think you spelled existence wrong.

And I think that there are many different dimensions beyond time the original four. I would start a long tirade into string theory, but.....