Fahrenheit 151


The Iron Lung
My first time drinking any alcohol was on mardi gras....crown royal.

Last night was my second time.....Barcardi 151....I nearly fell out...It closed my throat up and I kept feeling "heaves" like I was going to puke...I finally found some water...I did it once more and got the same results

I finally opted to sit back with the host of the party (a little cutie) and blaze but the whole night was spotted with near puking incidents...I held my shit down though.

Moral....dont drink 151.

Captain 151

Seeped in a dry Merlot
Ice 101.

It's sweet, no after taste, and is strong enough to leave you wading in drunken waters. It's a schnapps I believe, but i find that most of the novice drinkers i drink with enjoy it more than the stuff i usually prefer.