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Fastest Bowling Speeds

Discussion in 'Hobbies & Interests' started by ryunp, Jul 1, 2010.

  1. ryunp

    ryunp Keyboard Jockey Premium

    I personally have not hit above 27.00mph ish. We use a 6lb ball.

    But this is fucking rediculous. None of us can touch our buddy Chris. Here I took a screenshot:

    No shattered pins yet.
  2. 3Dradio

    3Dradio Did I ever have another avatar?

    If you're going for speed, go with a heavier ball, not a lighter one. Of course if you're playing to knock down some pins, sacrifice some speed for accuracy.
  3. BudVugger

    BudVugger Jergens Premium

    Girly arms :/ meh

    My average is 23mph on my normal throw w/ a 16 pound ball. Already surpassed the clock speed registering a 39.99mph while gunning it.
  4. ryunp

    ryunp Keyboard Jockey Premium

    39.99mph with a 16lb is just bogus. Going with the pic or didn't happen.

    If your able to throw a 16lb bowling ball that fast with just your arm strength than you must look like chuck norris. With volleyball and tennis we have above average upper body strength, and were' capping around 30. I'm curious how you hold the ball for a 40mph throw.
  5. BudVugger

    BudVugger Jergens Premium

    I don't have a fast throw on tape, but here is my normal throw. As for how to hold the ball to throw that quick, hold on tight, have a ball that is drilled for your hand and as for approach and release I bring the ball back above my shoulders on the backswing.

    *volume is screwed up so turn your speakers down.*

  6. Dead Set

    Dead Set Kang of Pang Premium

    Because the guy is a league bowler with a count of more 300 games than women I've fucked.

    Bowling=Bud wins

  7. ryunp

    ryunp Keyboard Jockey Premium

    I don't doubt he is amazing. That was creepy good. But I just can't imagine 39mph after seeing 31mph. Just doesn't seem possible. Ahh well with those skills I have nothing left to say. I throw some nasty spins but don't have my own ball.
  8. BudVugger

    BudVugger Jergens Premium

    I forgot one key bit. I have retard strength, or so I'm told. lol
  9. ryunp

    ryunp Keyboard Jockey Premium

    Haha, sounds like it. If you can get a pic of 39 mph one of these days I will have my buddies shit brix.
  10. BudVugger

    BudVugger Jergens Premium

    Actually let me see if I can find the pic.
  11. Jane Deere

    Jane Deere Mama Deere Staff

    i HATE when kids to this shit! i especially hate when they are doing it next to me and i am trying to freaking PRACTICE! grrrrr!
  12. BudVugger

    BudVugger Jergens Premium

    wut ?
  13. Brain Spout

    Brain Spout Wizard No More

    Did bowling suddenly go for a game reserved only for pedophiles and dudes with mustaches to a popular sport?

    Has comedy central shown so many airings of that amish bowling movie that people suddenly think bowling is badass or something?


    Oh wait, I'm on an internet forum, you guys are all probably pedophiles, lawl.

    A volleyball is very light and large. It encounters a lot of air resistance. That's the first thing. The second is, I doubt that you're spiking the ball at only 30 mph.

    As for tennis, you have to be hitting it faster than 30 mph. In professional tennis, a 90 mph serve is "average." At high school level you have to hit serving at minimum of 60 mph, I would assume to be competitive.
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  14. 53V3N

    53V3N The slow blade penetrates the shield. Premium

  15. Brain Spout

    Brain Spout Wizard No More

  16. rub1out

    rub1out Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy

    Ask pissed. :rofl:

    On a side note, bowling=:indiff:
  17. ryunp

    ryunp Keyboard Jockey Premium

    I never bowl without my handy dandy alcoholic beverages. Good times.
  18. rub1out

    rub1out Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy

    If you havta drink to make something fun, it doesn't count. So I stand by my original statement.
  19. ryunp

    ryunp Keyboard Jockey Premium

    I can stop when ever I want.
  20. rub1out

    rub1out Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy

    Whatever helps you sleep at night, bitch! :p

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