Fastidious litterers are losers.


OK this is for all you fast food garbage makers that are too lazy to throw away your shit containers in a trash can. Outright brash littering can be rebellious. Drive through any Indian reservation to see what I mean. Those fuckers don't give a fuck about "the homeland" or the "sacred earth". Look at the mountains of shit they throw out into their ditches. In a way I can relate to their attitude - fuck you whitey - you are as insignificant as your neat freak societal rules. You think you are so important that even your trash will have an eternal impact on the earth so you put it in trash cans. You are only a pimple on the ass of the great circle of life.

The litterers I can't stand are the dipshits that think by carefully standing their fast food cups up outside their car doors and driving away that they are not actually littering. YOU ARE but you know you shouldn't and feel guilty about it so you delude yourself into thinking that "if I stand it up nice and neat.... then it's ok." You suck, your pathetic. Put your head under the car tire before you drive away next time. :bomb:


Voorhees a jolly good fellow!
Yeah the car litterers I can't stand at all...

I see constant trash left by these pathetic losers all around... Sometimes the fucking trash can is 5 feet away and they just toss their fucking bags out the window...

Fines are shit, the fines should be 50 grand for an offense.. That'll end it.


That Guy
I agree... trash can = 3 feet away. arm length = 3 feet. you don't have ot drop your fucking garbage on the fucking ground when you can just fucking reach over and put it in the fucking trash can... even if it means walking 2 steps. fat bastards are too lazy to do that, apparently. same with cigarette butts... ash tray is 1 step away, yet they just throw their fucking stuff on the fucking ground... and those are annoying to pick up, too... i used to have to do it for work.