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Music Fat Joe

I am so fuckin tired of Fat Joe Da Gangsta. First of all, WHAT GANG?. I don't know what is so great about that guy. He's such a fat fuck that he can't even dance. He made a big song about leaning back. Yeah no fukin shit because his fat morbidly obeese ass can't do anything else. I found these pics online. I'm not sure if they have been touched up or not, but nonetheless, I think they may be authentic. See for yourself:

His Ms. Piggy nose is about to make me sick, and he thinks he is so great. I wouldn't have a problem with him if he wouldn't have come out with "Lean Back", but I mean WHAT THE FUCK?! That is such a stupid fuckin song. It's like he is being rewarded for being a fat fukin idiot like that's supposed to be cool.

Some fat guys have class like Rueben Studdard. Very nice and humble type of guy and can sing his heart out. Any fuckin idiot can gain 300 lbs and spit out stupid raps and try to put on a thug appearance - just refer back to that post about Lil John's yearbook.

I just can find enough words to adequate describe my severe destain for Fat Piece of Crap Joseph Cartagena.


princeton said:
You're not sure if that has been "touched up?" That's such an obvious, and shitty, photoshop.
yeah I was being sarcastic about the touch up thing. those pictures are a joke.


First thing I thought when I saw the name of this topic was "Blows." I hate Fat Joe. In his "Lean Back" video, when they sang lean back, he could barley do it (lean back). It was humorous.
Fat Joe and all those "Gangsta" rappers are dipshits. Yeah get in a gang and get killed when we're young! Good idea idiots. (some of those rappers have probably never been in a gang.)