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Favorite albums of all time / definitive albums


Ok, following the musical trend of late, what are your favorite albums of all time. Or what albums do you see as being definitive for their time/genre/your tastes? Please don't be a fucking asshole and troll other people's album lists. Nobody gives a fuck if you think their favorite band sucks or not.

Here are some of mine: (I'm sure I'll have more later.)

Corrosion of Conformity - Deliverance
Pepper- Kona Town
311 - Music
Sister Carol - Empressive
Sizzla - Be I Strong
Easy Star Allstars - Dub Side of the Moon
Chris Fortier - Atmospherics The Breaks v.1.0
Plump DJs - A Plump Night Out
Miles Davis - First Miles
Miles Davis - The Real Birth Of The Cool
Coleman Hawkins encounters Ben Webster
Jimi Hendrix - Are You Experienced
Bad Religion - Stranger Than Fiction
Black Flag - The First Four Years
Pink Floyd - The Wall
DJ Dara - Killa Sound 95
Photek - form and function
Hype - Jungle Massive
DOWN - Nola
RZA - Bobby digital in stereo
Mf Doom - Mm..Food
Company Flow - Little Johnny From The Hospitul Breaks And Intrumentals Vol. 1
Handsome Boy Modeling School - White People
Gang Starr - Moment Of Truth
Beastie Boys - Licensed To Ill
Ghostface Killah - Ironman
Hieroglyphics - Third Eye Vision
Outkast - Aquemini
Outkast - ATLiens

:thumbsup: :thumbsup:
The Doors-Legacy Greatest hits of
Marilyn Manson-Lest We Forget
Pearl Jam-Rearviewmirror
Stone Temple Pilots-Core
A Perfect Circle-eMotive
Alice Cooper-The Essentials
Bob Dylan-Biograph
System Of A Down-Toxicity
System Of A Down-Steal This Album
Pink Floyd-Echos


Devil Without A Cause
Jethro Tull-Aqualung
Kid Rock-Devil Without a Cause
Lynyrd Skynyrd-ProNounced(lin-nerd skin-nerd)
Rob Zombie-Hellbilly Deluxe
Korn-Life Is Peachy
311-Grass Roots
Papa Roach-Infest
Drowning Pool-Sinner
Well, you guys pretty much named them all.


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
The Smashing Pumpkins - Literally everything

Oasis - What's the Story (Morning Glory)?

Grouch & Eligh - No More Greener Grasses

RadioHead - The Bends

The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Are You Experienced?

Red Hot Chili Peppers - By The Way

Social Distortion - White Light, White Heat, White Trash

I'm sure there are more that I've got sitting up in my room... but that's most of it for now.


skandalous allstar
radiohead - hail to the theif
radiohead - the bends
placebo - every you and every me
pink floyd - dark side of the moon
the unicorns - who will cut our hair when we are gone?

+ plus most/all of the above

ahh yeah.... badly drawn boy - hour of the bewilderbeast


The Iron Lung
Dr. Dre- The Chronic
The GZA- Liquid Swords
Radiohead- Kid A
Radiohead- Ok Computer
Bad Religion- Against The Grain
Bad Religion- Stranger than Fiction
Perfect Circle- Thirteenth Step
Peter Tosh- Mama Africa
Led Zeppelin- Led Zeppelin 1
Pink Floyd- Wish You Were Here
Easy Star All Stars- Dub Side of The Moon (Go check this shit out....smoothness)
The Beatles- Revolver
The Sex Pistols- Nevermind the Bollocks Heres the Sex Pistols
Method Man- Tical
Wu-Tang- Wu-tang Forever (The two disc one)

I'll be adding.....(Did you get that other Hieroglyphics cd? Full Circle or something like that?)


Hooked on Rocks!
Deftones - Deftones
DMB - Crash
Bob Marley- legend
LP - Reanimation
Marilyn Manson - Antichrist Superstar, Holywood
Morrissey - Your Arsenal
NIN - Downward Spiral, Broken
P.O.D - Payable on Death, Satellite
Slipknot - IOWA
STP - Shangri la dee da


More of mine:

Matisyahu - Shake Off the Dust
Augustus Pablo - Gold
Misfits - American Psycho (I guess I'm the only one who liked the new singer and sound. Really, I'd say that any and all Misfits albums are definitive to me.)
Porcupine Tree - In Absentia
Sublime - 40 Oz To Freedom
The Kleptones - Yoshimi Battles the Hip Hop Robots
Pennywise - About Time
Bad Releigion - Recipe For Hate
Bad Brains - The Youth Are Getting Restless & Black Dots
SoundMurderer + SK-1 - Rewind Records
Remarc - Unreleased Dubs 94-96
Metalheadz Presents - The Album
Handsomeboy Modeling School - So... How's Your Girl
LTJ Bukem - Journey Inwards & Producer
Dj Hyper - Wired
Koma & Bones - Shutterspeed
Freestylers - Raw as Fuck
Adam Freeland - Coastal Breaks 2
Evil Nine - You Can Be Special Too
Leon Redbone - No Regrets
Krafty Kuts - These are the Breaks
Greenhouse Effect - Life Sentences
Cadence - Poisons the Mind of the Children
Dub-L - Return of the Mega Beasts
J-Zone - A Job Ain't Nuthin But Work
Rancid - And Out Come The Wolves
Operation Ivy - Energy
Ramones - Ramones
RJD2 - 2003 - The Horror
Scatman John - Scatman's World
RJD2 - 2002 - Deadringer
Eric B & Rakim - paid in full
suicidal tendencies - suicidal tendencies
Bad Brains - i against i
Aphex Twin - Analord 10
Aphex Twin - Window Licker
Genius - GZA, - Liquid Swords
Squarepusher - Big Loada
Zion-I - Deep Water Slang V2.0
Squarepusher - Ultravisitor
Adam F - Colours
Crowbar - Sonic Excess In Its Purest Form
DJ Dara - Breakbeat Science Exercise 01
Breakbeat Era - Ultra Obscene
Jack Kevorkian - A Very Still Life
Aesop Rock - Labor Days
Roy Nathanson - Fire At Keaton's Bar And Grill
Stan Getz with Jimmy Raney & Terry Gibbs - Early Stan
Jamie Cullum - Twentysomething (<3 Nu Jazz!)
DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist - Brainfreeze
Pretty much any Wu Tang related album ever released.

I really could go on and on...


Jean Jacket Tough Guy
Megadeth-Rust in Peace
Megadeth-peace sells....but whos buying
Metallica-master of puppets
iron maiden-number of the beast
Iced Earth-The Dark Saga
Pipi Skid-Funny Farm
John Smith-Blunderbus (or in transit)
Anthrax-Spreading the Disease
Grim Reaper-See You In Hell
Meatloaf-Bat Out Of Hell
Shockwave-Ultimate Doom
In Flames-Colony
Iron Maiden-Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
Hip Hop Weiners-All Beef No Chicken
3 Inches Of Blood-Advance And Vanquish
Iced Earth-Something Wicked This Way Come
ACDC-Back In Black
ACDC-High Voltage

theres more...but thats enough...for now mwahhahah
I'm going to forget a massive amount of definitive albums, but I'll give it a shot.

The Get Up Kids- 4 minute mile
Dillinger Escape Plan- Calculating Infinity
Refused- The Shape of Punk to Come
Braid- Movie Music Vol. 1 & 2
Minor Threat- Complete Discography
Bad Religion- Suffer
Descendents- Milo goes to College
The Clash- London Calling
Bane- It All Comes Down to This

I'll post more later after I think about this.

Captain 151

Seeped in a dry Merlot
junglizm said:
Beastie Boys - Licensed To Ill
Awesome. Now... a few of my own favorites... off the top of my head.

Taking Back Sunday - Tell All Your Friends
Lit - A Place in the Sun
American Hi-Fi - American Hi-Fi
Billy Joel - Piano Man
Billy Joel - Songs in the Attic
Goldfinger - Stomping Ground
Eve 6 - Eve 6
Taking Back Sunday - Where You Want to Be
Fuel - Sunburn
Billy Joel - The Stranger
Mest - Mest
The Offspring - Smash
The Offspring - Ixnay on the Hombre
Sublime - 40 Oz to Freedom
Green Day - Insomniac
Alkaline Trio - From Here to Infirmary
Dave Matthews Band - Under the Table and Dreaming
50 Cent - Get Rich or Die Tryin'
Riddlin Kids - Hurry Up and Wait


Original Dicksman
Pearl Jam -10
White Zombie - Astro Creep 2000
Depeche Mode - Violator
:tool: - Lateralus
2Live Crew - Nasty As They Wanna Be
:tool: - Anima
Digital Underground - Sex Packets
Rage Against the Machine - Rage Against the Machine
GhettoBoys - On That Other Level
Fear Factory - Demanufacture
Willie Dee - Controvery
Metallica - Ride the Lightning
Public Enemy - Fear of Black Planet
NIN - Broken
Beasty Boys - Ill Communication
Nappy Roots - Watermellon, Chicken 'n Grits


My ablum collection;

Rage Against The Machine - Rage Against The Machine
- Evil Empire
- The Battle Of Los Angeles
- Renegades
Adolescents - Adolescents
Pink Floyd - Dark Side of The Moon
- Wish You Were Here
System Of A Down - System Of A Down
- Toxicity
- Steal This Album!
Underminded - Hail Unamerican!
Magdalene - Magdalene (EP)
The Tragically Hip - The Tragically Hip (EP)
- Up To Here
- Fully Completely
- Day For Night
KoRn - KoRn
- Life Is Peachy
- Follow The Leader
- Issues
Red Hot Chili Peppers - One Hot Minute
- Californication

Plus some others. I think.


Way too hyper...
If we're talking music only:

Powderfinger - Vulture Street

I fwe're talking comedy too:

The 12th man


Havent thought of one yet
Strippedp-Rolling stones
Live MAgic-Queen
Dark side of the moon-Pink Flloyd

I have more just can't be bothered to write them all down but the above are my favourite :p