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Favorite Energy Drinks

What is your favorite energy drink?

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Soul Doubt
What's your favorite energy drink and why?

Mine's Bawls. I first liked it for the name. Then I found out they sold it at the store around the corner and I found I liked the taste... Since then I've tried multiple other drinks and am loyal to Bawls...

And I know coffee isn't really an energy drink, but it has caffeine so people who have never tried energy drinks can vote too :p


Banned - What an Asshat!
white shark, it's big in thailand and makes you go very fast..
thai manufacturers put illegal ingrediants in a lot of things, like 'mehkong' (sic) whiskey has amphetamines in..

of the one's here i like none of them, i already have too much energy.
ok i like coffee, red rain and sobes. i drink the sobes and red rain once a day, although i'd really like to drink it more, i get really hyper off of them and god knows how i likes my energy.

meh_it_all Sexy Pimp-ette.
RedOctober said:
You're killing the wodka! What a shame!

Shut it you. You can't even type 'vodka', I don't want you stepping on vodka ground if you're goona say shit like that.

Anywho.. I like redbull.
Canadian beaver buzz!!

I usually drink red bull when i go to the bar.. Red bull and vodka. up until about three months ago that is.... I went into the store one night on my way to work, and i seen these cans on the counter in a bucket of ice. To keep it short. I bought a few of these cans of "Canadian Beaver Buzz". they come in the same size cans as Redbull does. and taste way better.

I tried a few other energy drinks.. wayyy to hyped.. they taste like those damn candies people give out for halloween.. those lil pill lookin things called "rockets"

anyway.. Canadian beaver Buzz.. thats my alt for redbull.


Taylor_Blade said:
Though, I do like redbull with my vodka. ;)
I tried that once, but I don't like vodka or (most) mixed drinks. I want my liquor aged and in a snifter, or glass with ice, and nothing else. ;)