Favorite Game Designers


Hella Constipated
I really wanted to do an original thread...I'm sick of "Favorite Games." So I figured, "Why not do one about the people behind them?"


Post your favorite designers, as well as your favorite game(s) they made.

My favorite designers:

1. John Romero

Games: Two way tie between Doom/Daikatana

2. Yuji Naka

Game: Sonic The Hedgehog 2

3. Cliff Brezinski

Game: Unreal Tournament (1999)

4. Shigiru Miyamoto

Game: Zelda 64 (The only game of his I truly love)

You may notice how id's new designer Tim Willits didn't make the cut. Although he is a good designer, I feel he lacks the creative spark Romero has. Everything he does has been done before, whereas Romero innvoates. My hat is off to Johnny R. for his amazing work on Daikatana and Doom.