Favorite moments on WTF


People and pig fuckers, I want hyper links to any part of this website, be it quote, picture, response, or thread that you feel makes you come back for more wtf.com goodness.

Show me the money shots [you know, except actual money shots].


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Dear friends,

Aliensavant is rather busy at the moment working on a very important project and has asked me to expound upon his original post.

To our veterans and precious n00bs alike, our Poet Laureate is wondering what has made this site memorable to us?

While it may seem insignificant and trivial to you, the feedback you provide will be invaluable towards this project.

As an example: The first memory that springs to mind when I think about WTF.com is this thread: http://www.wtf.com/threads/fantastic-contraption-the-best-flash-game-ever.32953/ because not only was this game fun but we worked together to solve common problems.

There's no right or wrong answer to this topic and it doesn't matter how tenured you are. Your contribution to this thread is important and greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


There was the mushroom incident. That's what this medal is about: http://www.wtf.com/help/medals#medal-4

I think that was in the Cock Farm (now The Ranch) but I can't find it. I thought the thread was just called the Mushroom Incident but it looks like I'm mistaken. Anyone know? I searched the site for "mushroom" but didn't find it.

There's the Magical Traveling thread (which I think is archived).

And wasn't there a thread Icarus made about hooking people up that ended up being pretty long running and fun? Not finding it yet but finding other stuff for you. Not sure if any of this helps or not. :shrug:

Maybe I'm thinking of the Vicious gossip thread: http://www.wtf.com/threads/the-vicious-gossip-thread.30923/

I was just reminded of Icarus on the porch: http://www.wtf.com/threads/icarus-on-the-porch.30688/

Here's something: http://www.wtf.com/threads/wtf-highlights-2008.33842/

Another highlights thread. I only found the two: http://www.wtf.com/threads/wtf-highlights-2009.33959/

I just found an epic thread. Draygoon wrote a story starring all of us. Here's the thread:http://www.wtf.com/threads/wtf-superheroes-the-rook-squad-in-the-mushroom-stamp.33331/

And here's the story all in one place:http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4635768/1/The_Rook_Squad_In_The_Mushroom_Stamp


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I won't have time to search through a bunch of thread until mid-week..... but I thought I'd pop in to mention that to me, one of this sites most appealing characteristics has always been the members and personalities that make up the community. Without that, nothing interesting happens on any website. It's part of our uniqueness and charm.

Not sure that helps at all. I'll be back when I have time to look for specific threads.


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As I was laying in the bed this morning enjoying my day off and contemplating what I'm going to cook my husband for dinner tonight, this question and thread came to mind.

It became very clear to me that there isn't a thread or a specific moment I can refer you to that keeps me coming back here. The majority of the reason I took to this place was because of the people and their interactions with each other. It was like everyone was brothers and sisters (still is btw) that fight, tease and protect each other. Some of them may not really like each other but in some form they won't hear of someone coming in and giving "one of them" shit unless it's them.

Besides the incestuous relationships that have formed on this site (I say that cause I called them brothers and sisters, lol.), there are some very intelligent individuals on this site with some very intriguing perspectives on just about everything.

A lot of the members here have been here for years and have pretty much grown up on the site. Some by age and maturity then some by maturity alone. I see WTF.com as a very dysfunctional family.

My most memorable times would be radio related. It started off with the cast from Geht This (Gehtfuct, HoneyImHome, JLXC and 53V3N), Intoxication Nation, Shenanigans, and Anything Goes. The site has brought these people together but the radio has resulted in some very close friendships developing.

Because of this site, I have developed a very close and real friendship with a few people all of which I have met and got to hug in real life.

The site is full of assholes, hell I'm one of them but deep down the members here are a very important to me and I want them to have fun and feel like they are wanted. While life might hate you, WTF.com opens up its doors and encourages you to be yourself, voice your rage and come back to voice your opinions to one and all. Everyone here has a voice.


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I'd like to be able to say I enjoy reading what you people post. Sometimes I learn a thing or two, sometimes I'm amused, but in all honesty, the reason I keep coming back is the booby thread.


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A few years back BRiT made RooK's account invisible.

He was pretty active at the time and at one point (days in) he stopped into chat and I asked him where he'd been. He was confused as he had been on the site and replying to multiple threads but obviously no one was responding to him because his posts were "invisible".


edit: btw, I forget the particulars of the situation but Rook deserved it.


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Bumping because Alien needs material.

Just about any DG/Christian thread makes my list.


The magical traveling threads (there were a few, actually) were my favorites. When a shitty thread got posted, instead of moving it to B&T or trashing it immediately, the mods would throw it into a random forum until those mods did the same. Unfortunately I can't find the original.

Oh, and whole Kitana breakdown epic.


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I was just telling Swah about the travelling thread the other day. It was my favorite thread.


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I like when cleanupaisle4 was sent away. And the revelation and wonderment of Frankenchokies saggy fun bags. :thumbsup:

Dead Set

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That videogame thread that was starring WTF members which got aborted. Special moves and what not.