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Roll me up and smoke me when I die.
South Central PA - because it's where I'm from and where I live. and proximity along the East Coast and inward.

State College, PA - late 80's to mid 90's. good times with good friends in a good scene.

Tucson, AZ - Green Valley, specifically. forget the year … early aughts. Dad and Rosie tried their hand at retirement living for a year or two and I flew out to visit for a week. I wasn't expecting much but I fell in love with the scenery and wildlife. (first time I saw an actual roadrunner after watching cartoons as a kid. lol) And the food. That shack of a restaurant down the highway a bit was so damn good. A family joint and they treated us like family. Westerer Coast time was kind of weird, though. There was nothing on after 9 or 10 o'clock. Too early for me at the time and my zone-feeling. We were at the grocery store one night after dinner. Holy Fuck, they sell liquor? I bought a bottle of Limeade and a bottle of Jose Cuervo for bastardized margaritas. Sat on the back patio and listened to the coyotes howl.


That's what I miss most about Tucson - the restaurants. I was over on the Tanque Verde Wash side of town making bank; we'd always eat out on the weekends - The Rum Runner, The Bistro up on Campbell, every hole in the wall Mexican restaurant, the traincar down off the freeway. And Patagonia Lake - the only place west of Nebraska I've ever seen lightning bugs.