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favorite thing to do in pass time?

whats your fave. pass time thing

  • swear at your peers

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  • meditate

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  • kill rabits

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The Stranger Returns...
yea..i have low rep compared to people who just joined the site this month and this is my 4th month here.....oh well i'm used to not getting things

i picked this website cuz everything else didn't occur to me as something i'd do...don't really eat, don't really sleep, i refrain from using curse words at all costs, i'm not really lazy, .....etc


Banned - What an Asshat!
CopyLifted said:
I picked "Oh yeah and Magnolia".

j/k "pet the cat" baby!!!! While flogging my log......
I love you.............................and your log, too. And it is a log. literally. not a stick or twig or pencil. It is a log.