Headlines FDA Approves Dirty Bomb Antidotes


Seeker of Truth
WASHINGTON - The Food and Drug Administration approved two new products Wednesday designed to help deal with the consequences of terrorists using dirty bombs.

Acting FDA Commissioner Lester M. Crawford told The Associated Press that the products, to be available by prescription only, are designed to speed up elimination of radiation from the body.

Dirty bombs have become an increasing concern. Unlike warheads designed to kill and destroy through a huge nuclear blast and heat, so-called dirty bombs are radiation weapons. They would rely on conventional explosives to blow radioactive material far and wide. A successful bomb could make a section of a city uninhabitable for years.

The agency said the goal is to provide protection from both nuclear accidents and threats. It said the two drugs are safe and effective for treating contamination from the elements plutonium, americium or curium.

Why does this have to be by prescription?

So, I live through a dirty bomb attack, and now I'm on the phone trying to get an appt. to get a prescription!

"what? you don't have an opening till next month, but I'm dying of radiation poisoning now, yes I'll hold, hmmm, hmmm, hmmm, hmmm, alright, put me on your cancellation list, thanks."

FDA - Friggin' Dumb Asses...



Baba Yaga
Drive up the cost due to undue, bureaucracy.
Slow the distribution process, in time of need.
Hmmm, Sounds like a no-brainer

Cough....cough...Ya, listen, I'm not going to make it to work today. ya, I got this dirty bomb thing.

Yes, I'll bring a doctor's note.