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Feel like pullin my hair out...or even worse...


~Broken Angel~
Everything going on is fucking making me go crazy. Like, me being hurt and the girl's and I being sick wasn't enough...

Chris, yesterday, tried to withhold supper from the girls because they didn't clean their toys up. :'(. I mean, yah with holdin snacks and drinks and spankin and taking away things, sure...the list goes on and on...but not food. I remember being her age, well a lil older, 5 or 6...and not eating because we couldn't afford it, not because I was bad. All I could do was shit there and cry and I was gonna feed em anyways, even if it meant fightin him off, but finally he said it was ok.

And then to top it off, last night at 4am I was sitll up and heard dogs outside howlin and shit and we dont have any dogs. I sent him out there and he saw 4 run away when he opened the door and shot 2 in the ass with his bbgun <we're within city limits so its not like he can use his glock 40>. Well, I called and called for Miles, our cat, and he refused to go look so I went with a flashlight myself and looked but we have some tall crab grass that surrounds the garden and bushes. I didnt see aynthing. This morning I went out there again and found him dead. They had killed him. I can't help but feel like it's my fault too because we just moved into this house last month <my grandma's old house and she's lettin use stay here for free> and she didnt want animals inside...he's been an inside cat all his life. So, it's like, <god I'm fuckin cryin> we just put him outside and he had to fuckin fend for himself and shit, i mean we fed him, but we've caught dogs comin down the street and eatin his food before and we chase em off and smack em with a bb. But, I dunno, god they finally killed himmmm :'(. I called animal control and told em about what's been goin on and how they finally killed him last night and they're like gonna send us some traps to bait to catch em because they don't come around during the day time. I hope the bitches get caught and I'm sure if they do they'll be taken care of b4 animal control get em. >.<

meh_it_all Sexy Pimp-ette.
Aww, that's terrible, I've had 10 cats through my lifetime, and I remember the last one that died, ( I still have one left) He got run over, and made it to the back door, It was so sad.
I'm sorry to hear about your cat, and your family situation.


Critical Update Notification Tool.
that does suck, the fact that people can let their dogs roam the streets like that is just lacking in responsibility, although i have no sympathy for the cats..........they shouldn't be wandering around if they're killing animals.....


~Broken Angel~
I've never seen these dogs kill cats before. My cat has strictly been an inside cat for the last 7 years. We move here only a month and he's outside "roughing it" to me >.<. So he never left our front porch. I have been up all night the last few weeks with insomnia and other things going on around here. I've seen em from when me and miles sit on the porch at 4-5am im smokin and hes on the porch couch next to me and we have like a privacy cant see in but we can see out. And the dogs would walk up to our porch and try and come in the sides with the door on it and I would have to scare them away. The dogs I'm talkin about have been captured before my daddy says. (he lives across the street from me). The people lock em up during the day, and let them out at night when animal control ain't workin. Every night it's the same thing. When we called animal control that told us that having our cat on our porch is ok and it's not our fault, it's totally the dogs' for coming up on our property.

Well, the lady said that, what we should do was put some food on a plate in the yard, take our paintpall gun and one they walk in our yard, shoot them in the ass or leg (somewhere that they can't get majorly hurt), and them call them the next day and tell them to go over to the culdesac around the corner where we suspect these dogs are, and have the occupant of the house show them the dogs and just look for ones with paint on them. That way, we know for a fact it's them instead of he said-she said. :thumbsup: We're planning on staying up all night either tues or weds to do I'll let you guys know what happens.