Ñúñ'§ þêG £ègGéÐ /\/\å±ëý
ay yo i got a story to tell
about my feelings that i lock in fake smile of a shell
i got ya played like a fool having you think that
im chillin life is good and im cool
to bad you cant tell that shit is fucked im not well
i just dont give a fuck no longer im going to hell
keep on puttin me down ill just get a lil stronger
damn i miss my girl i wanna hold her
but every day that passes my heart grows colder
i wish i could have been more open
i lost that chance
i never told her
but fuck her
i dont trust her
i thought she was down to ride
she told me she will always be by my side
but when shit went down she wasnt there
all she did was hide
come on baby girl why u still ask me to share my feelings?
why do you still persist?
i wish you can understand that my feelings no longer exist
nah im lying i still have some feelings
the feelings of anger that i let out through my fist
you hurt me so much
but why do i still miss your kiss
and your soft touch
im not even gonna get into the feelings you do to my crotch
its funny how a steady relationship was the only thing i used to seek
and look at me now
im back where i started having a different bitch every night of the week
yea i accomplished all that and i aint even jay=z or memphis bleek
im gettin head as i write this and and im about to bust a nut on this
bitches cheek.............


Maybe those godawful Insane Clowns are receiving submissions for their fifty-second album.


Ñúñ'§ þêG £ègGéÐ /\/\å±ëý
shaekatherine said:
I can't tell if it is supposed to be funny or not... oh well. It was funny as far as I can tell. :confused:
hmmmmm to be honest i dont know......i cant remember why i wrote it.....i think it was cuz of boredom or something.......hehe