Field trip sucks...


The Skinny One
I went to my first field trip with the career thing. The trip was to Vigirima, a little town near Valencia. The particularity of this town it's that there is a National Park with "petroglifos" (petroglifo: carving on a stone with pretty figures, supposed to be made by the natives of Venezuela; moving on, I hate them) and we had to do a study of a stone that had at least two of them.

We had to make a binnacle of everything we did. Andreína (friend from the uni) took care of it. I started writing everything but got really bored. I only made five annotations:

6:45 a.m.: Going out of the UCV (University)
8:05 a.m.: Stoping at the Morochas e/s for breakfast.
8:35 a.m.: We're on the road again!
8:50 Stuck. The box of the bus has gone crazy.

Between this and my final anotations Andreína did all of them. Andreína and me got to the agreement (in a "tacit" way) that she'd sleep and I'd listen to music, this way the filosofer of the classroom (who seems to be very afond to us) wouldn't talk to us. So we were stuck for over an hour in the middle of nowhere (See image) I got to draw the landscape. We were truly in the middle of nowhere. Our teacher made a few calls and found us a bus to ride untill we were in the Tronconera town, which is before Vigirima.

The people in the bus were crazy as hell. It was the yoga team of the University of Carabobo, and it consisted on a bunch of old women that we're hitting on our male friends. They were singing song with the rest of the gals (not Andreína and me, we were just sitting on the floor) and they were really crazy. They were saying "oh no!! let Richard stay!!" (a guy from 10th semester that came with us). I asked once "ok, so we have the ride to Vigirima, how do we get back to Caracas afterwards?". Apparently, no one wanted to think about it.

Ok, so we're finally on the road to Vigirima. We start walking. There is another teacher; Luis Molina, that comes and goes each time to pick people up on his blazer. First all the "eeew" girls go in the first 4 rides. Blah, we just walked. Took a bus where we had, not one, but three crying babies. We found out where the hospital was (which was a good thing; we thought we'd might need it after) and we were left, again, in the middle of nowhere.

I'm making the acotation of the hospital because, well, living outside the capital in Venezuela is truly living in a terrible country. Poor people everywhere, cows/farm animals running through the strees (I'm not joking about the cow) naked kids running around, many diseases from unhealthy sections of the truly have no idea).

Now kiddies, the constant word of this day was <b>FUCK!</b>. Please remember that.

Before we went off Mauricio (a friend of mine, Andreína's boyfriend) told us "hehe the bus is going to brake down, you'll see". The hole day we sent messages to him cursing. Moving on with this.

So we were left, again, in the middle of nowhere. Luis Molina comes and takes some of the girls, not us. This time in the middle of nowhere in the Tronconera town. We keep walking to our destination. After 20 minutes of walking (in the sand, surrounded by a bunch of farm animals...welcome to the interior of Venezuela) we saw the first sign of "THIS WAS TO VIGIRIMA". We were so excited we took a pic of it. Our team mate John (the filosofer) took a beer on the way and he was kinda "happy". Two more rides were made while we walked our way to Vigirima, again we kept walking with the boys, we were the last two girls left (actually we didn't care, but yeah we were he last ones to ride which means we were the ones that walked the most and complained the less).

Finally we reach the fucking National Park (with a lot of flies, and no pesticide in my backpack FUCK), we get together in the teams we accorded in the classroom, and we can't deal with John half of the time. Wathever, let's just keep on it. After 2 or 3 hours of hard work, we finished all the measurements, all the compass thingies we had to do, all the shit we had to write, all the pics we had to take, all the burning we had to receive (oh yes, my back is shrimpy red thanks to the sun). Now we just want to eat.

We payed 7.000 Bs. to eat at 1:30 p.m. and it was already 3 p.m. So, after waiting for a while inside the museum (we could just lay down on it's floor, which was cold so it was ubberly yummi, specially with the burn on my back), at 3:30 the food finally came, and we don't know how good it was or not; but man the hunger won! I ate some lasagna with a chicken salad, and some "papelón" juice; which I hate but I was thristy and sick of drinking water. Ok, we finished eating, "how do we go back to Caracas?" someone asked..."I asked before if someone knew or had some idea and no one payed attention to me". So we had about four options:

1-Stay there until the new bus of the university came; this way you'd get to Caracas at 11 p.m.
2- Go with the guy who lives on Valencia to drink have some party and at the next day e'd give you a ride home.
3- Go with your family that lives in Valencia...if you have family there.
4- Bus, bus, bus, bus...yadda bus.

No one waited for the university bus; 7 persons went with the Valencia guy, 4 or 5 went to his family's house and the rest; 25 people; bus, bus, bus, bus...yadda bus. At the end, we were over three hours sitting on a freaking bus.

There were three cars that took us to theTronconera town, again. We got a good deal from the guy to take us directly to the Bus Terminal of Valencia for 30.000. We get to the terminal at about 5:00 p.m. after an hour of trip. At the Terminal we get on a bus quickly, but the bus didn't start running untill half an hour after. We simply wanted to die..that or just get to Caracas. At the way back, I slept and Andreína listened to my music, you know, for the filosofer; again.

From here I started doing anotations again:

4:37 p.m.: Crossing to Guacara (town near Valencia)
5:01 p.m.: Finally at the Bus Terminal of Valencia.
5:29 p.m.: Off to go!!
7:00 p.m.: We're finally crossing to Caracas.
7:20 p.m.: We arrive to the Bus Terminal of La Bandera.
7:35 p.m.: Finally civilization, we get to the subway station of La Bandera.
7:57 p.m.: Got on the bus to my house.

My conclusion is that the state of Carabobo has a curse on me and, of course, Vigirima does too. When I got to the city, it started raining, I can't have a break right?. All of this is the reason number one why I don't want to be an archaeologyst. FUCK!