FINALLY back online.. stupid Adelphia pricks


Yay fire!
I finally found an apartment and moved in about two weeks ago. I called and set up an apointment to have my cable turned on. Adelphia was supposed to send out a technician LAST Friday to take care of it. On top of that, they didn't even give me a fucking TIME they'd be here! all they could tell me was sometime between 12 and 5. WTF!? I'm supposed to sit here and wait until THEY think it's a good idea to show up and turn my cable on? BS! Well, turns out there was some sort of mixup. They never showed up that Friday. Pissed as all Hell that I had just wasted five hours of my life waiting on them, I decided to give them a call. The dumbass woman who answered said "I'm sorry sir, your cable was scheduled to be turned on today, but there must have been some sort of mixup. The next appointment we have available is next Friday sometime between 12 and 5."
I exchanged a few choice words with her and then finally agreed to today. Either that or have no cable. I was actually surprised, because the technician showed up at 12 on the dot this afternoon.
Going without cable for two fucking weeks SUCKS ASS!


Mr. Ee
Welcome back motherfucker!


This calls for another kegger!!!!

(wonders to himself how times we can have special occasion keggers for no reason at all before someone notices it's just so he can get drunk again)


:: What Ebonics ::
im up for the kegger..

and dude[fengei] i know exactly how you feel.....i too just got a new house....and two weeks with no cable....they came the first time...they got it setup...installed....well more like ran the cable to the outside of the house...then three days later the installer came in..plugged it in to the cable i ran to the outside...see...i didnt want them drilling shit into my house...i ran cabling all over the place...anyways another tech came out two saturdays after that...and concluded that it was the signal was way that same day some other dude had to do something to the entire block appears as if tho im the only one in the neighborhood to have cable ..since no one else had back up and running..but ive been so busy with school..and i got owned by my boss at work for being on here all i cant ..or havnt really enjoyed sucks