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Finally decided to make my first mod. ACTION FANS ATTEND!


Hella Constipated
Called "Situation: Intensity" (Tentative Title) it will feature the most heavy combat ever seen in any sim game.

Featuring an intense death-metal soundtrack by Violent Work of Art, Killswitch Engage, 36 Crazyfists, Rob Zombie, In Flames, Atreyu, Damage Plan, Meshuggah, Primer 55, Porn, Rammstein, and many others, it will set the bar for future combat mods to come. Flying around and hearing "Dragula" kick on when an enemy cruiser and a wing of bombers come in will be a sight to behold.

The A.I. will be set to the most skilled level for ALL craft. This is a mod for junkies, or people looking for a cheap thrill.

All new weapons, ships, races, and tactics will highlight the campaign. In FreeSpace 1 and 2, the Terrans and Vasudans fight the Shivans. In S:I, all three will form an amazingly strong alliance thirty years in the future, and rid the universe of oppression, slavery, and genocide. When all three species communicate, their technological prowess will be something that nobody can contend with, or even imagine.

But: Can too much power lead to unfathomable evil?

The "Preview Edition" will come out for FreeSpace 1 very soon, within 1-2 months. It will feature one mission that will not be in the final version, but will reflect it's mood and gameplay perfectly. The final version will be for FreeSpace 2, and will have upgraded graphics, weapon rosters, etc.




What will you be writing this in?

Descent said:
Could a mod move this into "Entertainment Avenue" please?
I really think it belongs here, but if you just must have it there, let me know.


Hella Constipated
FS2 ships with all the dev tools needed to make it. I'll also use Heiko Herrman's VPVIEW32 and VPPBUILDER32 tools to make the cache files.

By the way, that alien you see in my avatar is a Vasudan, from FreeSpace. They are the weirdest things ever. Cute as hell from up close, but they talk like grunting, and they are arrogant as fuck. They also sing little tunes in their native toungues.

Best. Aliens. Ever.