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Finding a job is a bitch.

I know, this is my second thread in a row. Deal with it.

As the title of this thread implies, finding a job is a bitch. Yes, I am working right now. I got the job I currently have, because my uncle is a half-owner of the place. However, that job is only going to last another week, two at the most.

Then, it's back to the job hunt. Judging from my previous experiences, nobody will hire me. I've been unemployed for all of 2005 except for 4 months total, because of that very reason. Yes, I looked. Yes, I was ignored. Must be my hair.:happysad:

Or maybe the fact that, when I go job hunting, I have no idea what the fuck I'm doing. I have no idea how the fuck to deal with people. I have no idea how the hell to present myself, what to wear, what to say... I don't have any skills that will help me get a job.

I applied for one in Edmonton, and the guy told me to e-mail him if I was still interested. I did. I haven't heard anything since then. The job I have now sucks. The only thing that makes it bearable is the people I work with are great. And the free candy and donuts.

It is actually quite pathetic. I'm 20 years old. I don't have any interests that I want to pursue. I don't have my grade 12 diploma. I guess I can't really bitch about that one, because it was my fault for being such a lazy ass at school and not giving a fuck. Or maybe it's because I don't learn from books. I learn from watching and doing. I don't know. The only attribute I got going for me is the fact that I'm a hard worker. But I think that's only because I don't want my father to be any more disappointed in me than he already is.

I don't know. There's just not much in this town I guess. But I'm too stubborn to move. It's a small town, but I love it here. I've called it home for 20 years. It's too bad all my friends left. All except one, who I rarely see anyway.

Fuck, I'm starting to babble. If you actually took the time to read this bullshit, congratulations. Have a hero cookie. :cookie: For those who didn't, I didn't really expect you to.

Fuck, I don't even know why I posted this thread. :happysad:


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I have had difficult job searches in the past. I found a lot of luck using temp-to-hire type places. One application there is like filling one out for a hundred places. They find the job for you, all you do is go where you are told. But the sign says long haired freaky people need not apply.

Seriously, I don't know about Can. but in the US we have high school equivalency classes and exams. You may want to try as it will make you more employable.
My brother worked for one of those temp-to-hire places for a few years after he moved to Surrey.

Now he works for a log house company, peeling logs so they can build the house, dismantle it, then ship it to Japan.

He can sometimes make 400 bucks a day.

I work 8 hours a day and get paid $8.75 an hour. :happysad:


damn the man
I made a lot of money installing fiberglass insulation. They pay you buy how many square feet you can lay. So if you're willing to work your ass off you can make bank. Shitty work but it pays well.

Also, I lost a 13.50 an hour job in a saw mill because they shipped all our logs to Japan. I'm not against the japanese economy, but I wish someone around here would be more for the American economy


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I've never had any problems finding a job. Maybe it's because I am seen as a people person...So, just act happy and shit and you'll land the job.


Ive been looking for a job for ages myself. Not as long as you have, but id say a good 4-6 months.

Hopefully the 5 resumes I handed out last weekend will land me something.

All i can really offer is keep applying, if they dont call you call them and inquire about your application. If you do get an interview, be presentable, polite, ON TIME :), and generally sell yourself. Run through a few possible questions and how you would answer them in your head. Get people to interview for practise, anything really.

Good luck :)


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Check out this site, got some great tips in all areas of job searching:



i dont have those problems. im actually really good on interviews. i normally always get the job... but i just dont want a job anymore so i make mike work. :-D


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No fucking shit man... I spent like 2 weeks finding my shitty p/t job at a fast food "restaurant."


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I don't have much to say that could help you since I never had a real job myself.
BUT! Thanks for the hero cookie :thumbsup:
Looking for a job sucks so bad that I'll keep a job a hate for as long as humanly possible. Presently I don't hate me job so much so it makes it easier to keep.
Tried this?

Whatever happened to becoming an amateur porn star? Pay sucks but then so does the co star.:p


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There ARE no jobs....

I Been the whole route; High school, college, online college, trade school. There are no jobs. I earned my Microsoft MCP, MCP+I (IIS 4.0), MCSA, MCSE(NT4/W2K), Cisco CCNA, Citrix CCA in Metaframe 1.8, and my EC-Council CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker).
They either see me as overqualified (and a threat to them), or they can't pay me what I should be making. Not to mention that I can't get all the hands-on exp. that I need.
Now to top it off, I had abdominal surgey on Nov.15, and am still recovering from the incision. Now I have to carry around this permanent colostomy for the rest of my life.
You might as well all just shoot yourselfs now and get it over with; there is nothing out there for any of you. They only way I can see myself getting hired somewhere now is if I seriously suck somebody's dick. But I did have this fantasy of earning a job because I was the best qualified for it, ya know......