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Fire! Fire!


Banned - What an Asshat!
So, I went to lunch and everything seem normal. When I come back the fire alarm was going crazy, everyone was out in the parking lot. I speed up my pase a little to find out what in the world is going on. I see the maintenance guy running... I hear him talk on the radio. "Call the fire dept.!!!" "We have a fire..." "We have people stuck in the elevators!!!!"

I walked over to see if my co-workers are still inside, they are. I scream at them: "There is a fire!!! better get out!" They do not listen.

Anyway, after about 45 minutes of hanging out there, seen smoke coming out of the elevators. A fire man comes and says: "You guys can go back to work now" :(

So now I am here. The A/C system went down due to the fire. We will not have A/C till tomorrow! :thumbsdn:


Hella Constipated
I was saying that MAYBE because you work in IT, somebody bought a generic PowMax PSU and it caught fire, like 99.9% of their low end ones do.


Lost Soul
It was your bosses, wife that caused the fire! Wasn’t it? Her, and her damn fucked up, implants.

Anyways, glad you’re ok! :thumbsup: