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Fire Hydrant

The other day I was visiting with a friend, and she asked me to walk across the street with her to Walgreens. I said sure, cause it was hotter than hell in her apartment. So, we're standing there waiting for traffic to clear, and I make a comment about how we must look like hookers cause we're on a street corner in the middle of the night and she's wearing one of those lingerie inspired tank tops. Traffic cleared and we crossed, still laughing about possibly being mistaken as "ladies of the evening".

As a joke, I went over to a fire hydrant and pretended I was about to stradle it. I lifted my leg and had planned on hurdling the damn thing, but as soon as I jumped up I smacked my leg on one of the bolt thingies on the side. That hurt like a bitch! On top of it all, her room-mates mom drove by and I'm pretty sure she saw the whole thing. Now I have a large, angry, O-shaped bruise on my thigh. This sucks.

I guess that's what I get for acting like a dipshit. :happysad:


For the local herald:

Two women were sighted standing on the sidewalk of main and 47th last night, wearing less than sufficent clothing and assuming lazy posture. Reports from witnesses say that one of them attempted to deface a fire hydrant, and was injured in the process. Slick :thumbsup: