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Firefox 'Deer Park' 1.1 alpha



This has been out for a few weeks, I've been running it for about two. I figured I'd wait and see how stable it was before posting about it. So far it's been pretty stable for me, and it' significantly faster; it seems a lot snappier when loading pages and switching between tabs, especially after being open longer than an hour.

This is an alpha build NOT a final or 'stable' release, so if running a possibly unstable build scares you, this is not for you; stick with 1.0.4. This build is supposedly incompatible with current profiles, but I've been running it just fine on my old profile. If you decide to use this build, I'd suggest at least backing up your profile in %appdata%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles.

It's inevitable that some extensions won't work with the 1.0+ version number, but this can be fixed in most cases by changing the app.version string in about:config to read 1.0.4.


Did you download it? if you did, Is it any good??


I'm_Darth_Vader said:
Did you download it? if you did, Is it any good??
Read my post...

Some screenshots of options and help>about.

Notable Bug Fixes:

# Web page rendering and interaction

* 217527 - Left column on Slashdot is sometimes too narrow or too wide for its contents.
* 238493 - Ads on Gamespot flicker into other parts of the page during page load.
* 95227 - Make it possible to set different default font type (serif vs sans serif) for different languages.
* 47350 - Current scroll position not retained, reloading or going back to multipart/x-mixed-replace (e.g. Bugzilla bug lists).
* 56314 - Reverse selection colors when page background is similar to default selection background.
* 274553 - Blocking iframes either via an extension or userchrome.css breaks find toolbar search.
* 103638 - Targets with same name in different windows open in wrong window with javascript.
* 62384 - Text Zoom doesn't change dropdown height (without reload).
* 97283 - Mouse wheel scrolling does not work for elements such as div using overflow - auto or scroll.
* 251986 - Keyboard scrolling does not work for elements such as div using overflow - auto or scroll.
* 209020 - Meta HTTP-EQUIV="refresh" broken if midas was ever used in that browser window.
* 198155 - Midas html editing mode persists after leaving the page that enabled it.
* 21616 - Space after ::first-letter pseudo-element line is larger than between other lines (improvement in first-letter drop-caps appearance?).
* 273785 - Plugins not scanned/detected on startup (empty plug-ins dialog in downloads, open-with dialog for PDFs).
* 76197 - Scrollbars should look disabled when there's nowhere to scroll (not yet fixed on Mac).
* 151375 - Focus outline should be drawn outside of element.
* 133165 - Focus outline should include larger descendants of inline elements.
* 65917 - :active neither hierarchical nor picky about what can be activated.
* 20022 - :hover state not set until mouse move.
* 278531 - Generic request prioritization (loadgroup prioritization) (e.g. for each HTTP host, load images with lower priority than pages).

# Improved error pages. To enable error pages, go to about:config and set browser.xul.error_pages.enabled to true.

* 157004 - Error pages should be stored in history and show the original URL in the address bar.
* 237244 - "Try Again" on XUL error pages does not repost form data.

# Downloads

* 239006 - Download manager doesn't account for filesize when presenting combined percentages.
* 245829 - Download manager progress and title do not update correctly, wrong number of files and percentage after finishing or cancelling a download.
* 249677 - Cancel does not delete temporary file in helper app dialog, if default action is save.

# Accessibility

* 175893 - Make XUL <tab>'s focusable.
* 162081 - Wrong letter is underlined as accesskey / mnemonic when widget direction is RTL.
* Many keyboard accessibility fixes.
* Many screen-reader accessibility fixes.

# Speed and memory-use improvements

* 227361 - Don't reflow documents in background tabs until window resizing is complete.
* 131456 - Memory use does not go down after closing tabs.
* Many other speed and memory-use improvements.

# Windows-specific bugs

* 16940 - [Windows] IME is now disabled for password fields.
* 255123 - [Windows] Opening URL from another app focuses an existing window before opening a new window.
* 171349 - [Win98] Firefox icon is Win98's standard icon (taskbar & upper lefthand corner of app).
* 284716 - [Win2k/WinXP] Create DDBs in nsImageWin::Optimize. (Fixes several performance bugs with large images, such as slow scrolling on
* 231300 - [Windows] Clearing cache is slow (nsLocalFile::MoveTo is slow to move directories).

# Mac-specific bugs

* 222364 - [Mac] Don't use sheet for the about box.
* 273217 - [Mac] Lots of menu items are enabled that shouldn't be when no windows are open, and many menu items that are correctly enabled do not work.
* 187508 - [Mac] Follow "full keyboard access" setting in System Preferences for tabbing navigation.
* 151249 - [Mac] Middle click on link does nothing on Mac OS X (should open link in new tab).
* 220589 - Cmd-Enter and Cmd-Shift-Enter should work like win/lin builds.
* 239218 - Menus are nonfunctional when 'tools' have focus (Downloads / Extensions / Theme Managers, JavaScript Console and Page Info window).

# Linux-specific bugs

* 241245 - [Linux] Auto download to 'Desktop' downloads to home directory on Linux.
* 238854 - [GTK2] Changing GNOME2 theme doesn't apply until restarting Mozilla.


Hella Constipated
I've been using it for about a week. It's really great. Fast, stable, etc.


Only extension that I couldn't get working so far...


Edit: The new site specific CSS rules are nice. I've found a few places to use them, and I don't nee the URIid extension anymore.

I used it to remove the scrollbars from
 and [php] tags on another forum.   Here's an image since we don't have code tags anymore.



Blowing up my pants
There was a bug where my screen would go up and down automatically... now its gone... :)