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FireFox Rendering Plain Text (eBay, Y!, and Hotmail)


I have been using Mozilla FireFox since 1.0.0. I am currently running 1.0.6. I recently went to look for some stuff on eBay and all of the listing pages came out in plain text. The rendered page had a note at the top that read like the following:

"Note: We recently made changes to enable you to view eBay search pages faster. If your eBay pages are appearing in text-only format due to these changes, please upgrade your Web browser."

Well, I have the latest version of FireFox. I rendered it in IE 6.0.29, Opera 8.0.1, and Netscape 8 and they all render fine. Mozilla suite renders it fine too. I hit up the MozillaZine forum and found the following topics:

...none of which seem to offer any answer. It seems as though I am one of few who are actually experiencing the problem, or just one of the few who actually care.

The JavaScript console says: "eBay is not defined" on about twenty lines. Mostly 23-46.

I know there are a few other FireFox users on here and was just wondering if you guys had any sort of input. I can take some screenshots if anyone wants to see what exactly I am talking about.



It sounds like it's not loading the style sheet, which is causing it to just show the structural html. What extensions do you have installed? I'd be willing to bet that it's an extension causing this.

Have you tried creating a new profile yet? That fixes 99% of Firefox problems, which are usually caused by extensions or themes.