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First Day of School


Was machen Sie?
today is the first day of college for me (yeah, we're starting early). i am happy b/c now i get to spend less time at work (been there f/t all summer and am ready for a break from it) plus now i am one more semester closer to graduating. so YAY for me?!?! i guess?

i wish i had the option of attending school f/t in an abbreviated form (like 2 years vs. 4) to accomplish the same thing 'cause i just want to get it over w/. who else would do it? and when do you guys go back to school?


I just started college Tuesday. It's been alright so far, took some getting used to at first. But since I only go Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 9:30 to 1:45, the schedule fits me well; I've got more time to do assignments, more time to come up with ideas for papers (I often get really bad writer's block), and more time to make sure it's done right.


drunk with a jeep problem
Good for you. I can't tollerate school very long so i would do the 2 year thing if i had a choise. Being in the navy i have a shitload of corses i have to do severl times a year, but i dont get credit for them. :( Good luck and try to enjoy it. :thumbsup: