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First time...(sex)


We had been laying there snuggled up all morning listening to music and talking about anything everything and nothing at all. Our song came on the radio and we looked into eachothers eyes and smiled then kissed and it was understood. It was both of our first times and halfway through it started a light rain with the sun still out. I wouldn't have changed it for the world.

Captain 151

Seeped in a dry Merlot
mmm... virtual cash... alright you got me. But i have to be honest, its not as hot as i made it seem. I just wanted virtual cash. Ok, I lied again. It's pretty hot. And almost unbelievable, but I've never lied to you guys before.

Anyway, it was the summer between 9th and 10th grade. I was vacationing up in the Catskill Mountains in central New York, and I was playing the part of Mercutio in a not-for-profit theater companys version of Romeo and Juliet. Juliet was played by a girl named Valerie, and she had just graduated high school, and going to New Paltz in the fall.

(That's right, this is going exactly where you think its going)

Anyway, I had some pretty hot girlfriends before, but we were young and I never really had the urge to do anythign more than make out, but Val was really freakin hot, and older... and well, we got to be pretty good friends.

We were supposed to play this show 6 times, and after the 3rd performance on Saturday night, Val, Gabe (who played Romeo), Mike (who was Balthasar) and myself decided to go camping out in the woods behind Val's house. The night started out harmlessly, Gabe and Mike had gone to collect wood to make a fire, and Dusk was upon us so we could make out some stars.

Val pointed to the star she gave our friend John (whom she'd been best friends with, but I had only known for 2 years before he died) and we reminisced about that for a while.

Our tent was small, but it fit the 4 of us pretty easily. When the fire died, it was maybe around... 11 or so, me and Val went into the tent and Mike and Gabe stayed outside talking and drinking. Inside the tent, I immediately kissed Val on the lips, and she looked at me. And she said, "I don't know, I just can't get past the age thing." I said don't worry about that. I said other things too but I can't remember what, but I was real suave back in the day. Now, I'm just clumsy and uncoordinated. :)

Anyway, we were making out before I knew it. We laid the sleeping bag on the floor of the tent and we started dry fucking until I, as a dorky little 15 year old kid, undressed the hottest 18 year old I have ever seen. And the rest is history. Wonderful, wonderful history.

The end.


Banned - What an Asshat!
When I illegally immigrated to America I went to a high school in Grand Rapids. There I was kind of odd with my belgian accent but I was still one of the "Hip" "Trendy" new kids and I fitted in with my bling. Anyhow there I met this really beautiful woman named Julie. I'll put this in translation so you American kids can understand it.

0MG SHE WAS S0 HAWT!!!1111oneoen FAP FAP FAP

Anyhow, we started dating and it was great. Everyday we talked and took long walks on the beach together and all this romantic stuff.

One day, she came over wearing a trench coat, I also learned why people wore those for, I then sat on the couch and she took it off to reveal this really hot school girl outfit. A really short skirt with a white thong and a top with a lot of clevage. She proceeded to take it off and undress me and we went at it like wild ferets.

We proceeded to switch positions until she had some orgasms and finally...It was done.

...Then I was walked in on. My mother had walked in with some belgian waffles and she dropped them and went :O


Banned - What an Asshat!
bnccoder said:
...I thought you were a chick.

I was.

...No I'm a male but my girly-manliness through you off didn't it?

Yeah I'm gonna have to get that male symbol thing next to my name to prevent confusion.
i prefer not to remember mine, it wasen't my choice, i was way too young, i hate him and after it looked like someone was murdered in the room, ahhhh fond memories :confuse:

el crotcho

Cooler than sliced cheese
it was kinda funny cuz neither of us knew it would happen, it just kinda did and we didnt know what the hell we were doing. except we both wanted to go american pie style and get it done before we graduated


Being naked just feels so a-peeling
I regret my first sucked, his penis sucked..his penis didnt feel like anything and he was an idiot. he cheated on me 3times once with my best friend. thx to my new boyfriend tough I know what "great sex" is ;)

the first time it happened with him (first time for him)
it happened on a festival (rocke perry) we fucked in the forest then I slept over at his house.. We tumbled around in the woods n "shhd" each other when we heared or saw som ppl there, I think some1 was watching us was more like tumbling around and kissing n touching..
but the
REALreal time was the tursday after that..OMG it was amazing we had been on a party and we went to his house becouse he was home alone..we did it on his parents bed, on the kitchen table in his room..omg my first orgasm. OMG I love that moment. and he's 1½year younger than me ;) he likes older ladies.. ;)


Ñúñ'§ þêG £ègGéÐ /\/\å±ëý
hmmm me being 16 at my friends crib.......all boy Tony brings over 2 chicks and hes like "pick one" im like wtf hes like "pick one man" so im like "aight that one" and this bangin ass rican chick about 25 yrs old takes me upstairs and we fuck like there is no 2moro......and thats when my sex addiction began *sigh*


hmmm me being 16 at my friends crib.......all boy Tony brings over 2 chicks and hes like "pick one" im like wtf hes like "pick one man" so im like "aight that one" and this bangin ass rican chick about 25 yrs old takes me upstairs and we fuck like there is no 2moro......and thats when my sex addiction began *sigh*

Sounds like he brought you a pitty fuck.


I was 15.. loved to wank along with my girl-friends
(nothing more than porn partners.. most of them)
while watching porn in my basement. :redface:
ohhhh yeaaaa...
yes i watched porn with girls. i am one lucky mother fucker.
during our first few sessions, we would just masturbate and nothing goes further than that.
anyway, here's my happy story.

among my masturbating friends, there was one girl, Melody,
whom i thought was the superbabe among the babes.
seeing her rub and finger herself was MUCH better off than
watching the small tv screen that played endless scenes of jenna jameson.
yes everyone, she was THAT hot.
and she was fucking hell 15!
hmm, frankly watching 5 grils masturbate around you beats porn anytime.
i usually focussed on Melody though. she was the BOMB.

(keep it in your pants. part two is right down. thanks to my fucked up com.)


anyway, so there was another evening where i was looking forward to invite
my horny friends in for another session of fun :D
and that was the night she touched my dick.
for the very first time. :o
we were like playin with our organs like we always do until
she turned away from the tv and smiled at me.
i knew something was coming as she took my hand away from
my dick and said she wanted to touch it.
and i couldn't ask for more when she started giving me a hand job!
:redface: :redface: :redface:
for her age and that being her first time, she did a pretty good rub.
all the other girls around just giggled and looked as she then put my dick
into her mouth and ohhh.. there goes my first blow job received.
things carried on well after and i got to fuck not only
Melody's tight cunt but the rest of the gang's as well..

it carried on for a while more until i moved house and
got attatched to new friends. ;)
ahhhhhh... memories..

hey i think i deserve some virtual money.