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Headlines Fla. Officer Uses Stun Gun on 12-Year-Old


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PEMBROKE PINES, Fla. - Police used a Taser on a 12-year-old boy who attacked another special-needs student, the third time this fall authorities in South Florida have used a stun gun on children.

Police said the student was Tasered on Dec. 10 after he tried to stab another student with a pencil on a school bus, then kicked and threatened an officer.

The boy was charged with several offenses, including aggravated assault and resisting a police officer with violence. He was released from custody.

Pembroke Pines police Cmdr. David Golt said the officer usethe Taser properly.

In November, a Miami-Dade County police officer used a Taser on a 12-year-old girl who was caught skipping class. Officials said the officer faces disciplinary action for inappropriately using his Taser.

Two months ago, a Miami-Dade schools security officer used a Taser on a 6-year-old-boy. The boy was holding a shard of glass and had cut himself.
Wow, tough to be a kid in FLA...

They tasered a 12 year old girl for skipping class?

I would have been shocked to death...


Banned - What an Asshat!
Thats pretty messed up, shock a 12 year old girl because she was skipping class. That couple should of got fired and put into jail for that.
They had to shock a 6 year old boy? Thats fucked up, hes only 6, you could of took the shard away from him instead of tazering him, shit.


Chaotic Neutral
that's a little harsh, a nice kick in the ass would've done it...heh


The police are your friends, they would never do anything beyond their authority or abuse their powers. I am sure the kid deserved what had come to him. Because remember, the police are our friends and want to help us.


Banned - What an Asshat!
dude, the majority of cops are on power trips like none other. I almost got stunned for being at the local 7-11 at 4 in the morning. I was barley buzzed (The drunk had long since worn off), but i wasnt hostile, nor did i even talk back in a rude manner.

Heres the story, after leaving a party we went to 7-11 to get some food and a blunt stick. Me and a friend were waiting outside while my other friend went inside to get food and whatever when all of the sudden a cop car pulls into the parking lot. He gets out of his car, walks up to us and starts asking us questions. (mistake one: no probable cause to appraoch us) After after talkin to us for like a minute...he tells me to face his car. He twists my hand behind my back and demands that i put my other hand on the back of my head...which i did without a shred of resistance. By then his partner was questioning my friend. After i put my hand on the back of my head, he then told me again to put my hand on the back of my head... My hand was already on my head, my other hand was twisted behind my back by the i was drunk and confused. I turned my head to him and said "what?" Immediately his partner runs over to me, whips out his stun gun (the kind that shoots out eletrical probes on wires...with the laser sight and all) and aims it at my chest...dangerously close to my face. He screams at me "put your fuckin hand on your head NOW!"...but it was already on my fuckin i simply said "OH SHIT...." and tried to brace myself for one hellofa shock...long story slight shorter...he gave me a breathilizer (mistake two: didnt give me a sobriety test before the breathilizer) then made me leave my car at 7-11 and walk home. I then later got the police report and discovered he falsified some info (mistake 3) like he said my car was running (which it wasnt), he said my freind was so drunk that he fell down right in front of him (which he didnt), he said i was resisting arrest (which i wasnt), and he said that his 'probable cause' was a suspicius person complaint... It was 4 am...on a 7-11....and we were only there for like 10 minutes at the most. There is no way someone saw us at 7-11 at 4am on wedsnday, called the cops for a suspicious persons report, and had the cops get there in under ten minutes...there is no possible way. Needless to say i got a lawyer and instead of getting a Minor in Possesion of Alcohol and a DUI...all i have to do is take one MIP community jail....i still have my license.....Cops are fuckin assholes :mad:


Banned - What an Asshat!
Fuck... I hate cops!!

Once, I got stopped by the cops because he said he ran my plate and my name was from a Hispanic origin! WTF????? :confused: ASSHOLE!
The 12 year old girl got tazered because she skipped school to get drunk, got drunk started getting chased by the cops, so she being the genius that she is decided to run into traffic. So they tazered her when she started to run to the road. Then probably saving her stupid ass.


ass raped by IE
Fuck the cops. Cops here in CA are out to get u. My neighbor got a ticket because she was going 42 in a 40 zone. U here me all u fuking ble suited faggots FUCK U.


Assassain Wumpus Hunter

Thats also right next to where I live... YAWN...

You ain't seen nothing...


Police here don't bother you too much unless you're really doing something. Lenient on the speed limit and everything. Hell, they even let you go on some things if they stop you. They only get rough with you when you actually commit a crime.
wow i can't belive that theid tazer a 6 year old?! my god i'd of thought that could kill a 6 year old! the police are shit in England aswell. one time i was in woolworths and one of the security guards was "subtly" following me around so i just left the shop because it was freaking me out the next thing i know the guy has his hand on my shoulder and hes searching me. funny thing is i hadnt touched anything in the shop let alone steal anything. their all bastards who think they have all the authority in the world.


Hella Constipated
True that, Fourples! I live in Long Island, and the police in NYC are actually very good. I mean, there HAVE been cases of abuse by the NYC police, but those are few and far between. NYC has also been known to punish officers HARSHLY for small or large offenses...and get this: THEY FIRE COPS! Yes, they fire them! NYC has the best police force in all of America...They are the only police I trust. Long Island police on the other hand are assholes, just like most of America's police.

Hate cops? Move to NYC. They'll fire a cop like that if they abuse power.

Contrary to what many people in the midwest think, NYC is actually one of the least crime ridden cities in the U.S. The thing is, NYC just became too costly for poor people to live in during the past few decades. Look at Harlem: After the cops took out "The Preacher Crew" (One of NYC's biggest gangs) in 1996, it went through a rebirth, and started to be pretty expensive in some parts. I used to know a kid who had a really expensive place in Harlem...he got it after the rebirth took place.

The problem isn't with the cops, but with the local government not firing corrupt officials.

Matthew, you should sue the state for that. It's the only way to get ahead in America, the people have almost NO voice here. "The Great 'Democracy'" my ass!


Banned - What an Asshat!
well i didnt actually get stunned...or else i would've sued the state and brought the cop into small claims court aswell. At the time, i knew the cops were abusing their authority. I knew they were doing shit that they shouldnt have been doing, but i just didnt want to go to jail again (and i didnt want to get fuckin stunned also!). So i tried to be as passive and cooperative as i could...but as you probably already know, they tried to stun my ass anyways. So i put up with their shit untill they let me go all the while knowing that my case would eventually be dropped if i got a lawyer. I guess i should have been more on the offensive rather than the defensive. It wouldve been better if i could have gotten that currupted pig of the streets of my city. Maybe next time ill let them stun me just so i can get rid of the twisted cops and make some $$ in the process, heh.


ass raped by IE
k my mom got caught speeding. 70 on a 65 freeway. CA is bankrupt. the cops are trying to make some $. She went to traffic school to clear her points. most of the ppl there were speeding. More than half of em, less than 5mph over the speed limit. Cops is CA are out to get you. too bad i sont live in ny


Banned - What an Asshat!
come to canada

squarehead said:
k my mom got caught speeding. 70 on a 65 freeway. CA is bankrupt. the cops are trying to make some $. She went to traffic school to clear her points. most of the ppl there were speeding. More than half of em, less than 5mph over the speed limit. Cops is CA are out to get you. too bad i sont live in ny

come to Canada bro i do 100km/h in a 60km/h zone always fuk the police .

but mind u responsibly 100km/h :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


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i'm not condoning the use of tasers all the time, but it's definitely preferable to shooting them. the situations for using them should be the same - it's considered lethal force because when you're hit with it you're 100% defenseless


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These is no std worse than children, but those officers are pussy's. [sarcasm]I mean wow that 12 year old really could've kicked that officers ass.[/sarcasm] Thanks to you Mr.Officer she will now grow up hateing cop, and selling her ass because you tasered her!
ah, the sweet joys of living in the middle of fucking nowhere (indiana) .. cops are overpaid so they don't care about anything aside from complaints they recieve and they seem to truly watch out for people

A couple weeks back, before it was getting snowy and cold as fuck, a friend of mine and myself were at this gas station at about 2:30 am, (drunk at the time and we're both minors) and he's into skateboarding. We get the bright idea to stack up these bags of salt to lay a piece of plywood down on it to ramp on and off of. Apparently we sorta didn't stop stacking these 45 lb. bags until it was over my head (and I'm about 6'1") so we scramble and climb up this wall of salt and my buddy jumps on his board and rides it down no problem, the gas station attendant inside is just having a good time being entertained for the moment, so he didn't say we couldn't.. so we keep stacking and get this pile up to the point where neither of us could reach up to put any more bags on (around 8 1/2+ feet I'd guess) and get up there again. My friend goes up first, and of course, upon reaching the top myself, I spot a cop pulling into the station from the back just in time to see my buddy fall straight on his ass and get up laughing. The cop comes over, talks to us bout how if we got hurt our parents would sue the station and made us promise not to do it again, and then helps us unstack the pile lol. Thas what I call a cool cop.

But then again, I was thoroughly interrogated for 20 minutes being treated criminally the entire time as to why I had a flat tire within about 3 blocks of there .. so cops are just crazy mothas