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Jewish Man Arrested For Scrawling Anti-Semitic Graffiti On Brooklyn Synagogues in 'Hate Crime'

The elite class-owned propaganda systems; TV, entertainment industries, news outlets, newspapers both print and on-line, nearly everything, bombards We, the People with indoctrination and propaganda. Many of those elites have agendas that seek to own and control all aspects of the USA and all other Western countries. Western civilization is in peril. A hard-to-describe New World Order with a New Royalty of hereditary elite-class overlords our masters will create a New Dark Age for the masses of common folks and a Golden Age for the Lords and Masters and their well-paid lackeys using ANY method to force us to be complacent peons, serfs and even slaves for those the masters and their minions want to be in chains.

A thorough Web search that could take many hours to dig in and find the stories the elites’ lackeys in the media tend to delete after a short time or bury deep in the Web’s backrooms will reveal the many “false-flag” operations akin to the one in this sordid story. The media is quick to publicize any act that places the USA, Western civilization and/or White people in a bad light. Groups/entities using false-flag operations tend to be “minorities” or non-Whites of all types. Religion also comes into play with Jews, Moslems and even Christians using this tactic though in is most common for Black Christians to burn their own church or Moslems to vandalize their own mosque. Dig in and find for yourself the many incidents of false-flag usage. If you do so I urge you to keep digging to find the retraction, if any, of the evil media shouting out to all that the incident was performed by the “victim” their-self.

One that comes to mind is the Black college professor admitting after FBI questioning that she had placed the noose on her college office door herself.

This is complicated stuff, patriots . . . if that is what you are. If you are one of the many indoctrinated Americans/Westerners will my words and the evidence offered in this and other stories about false-flag events that have and are occurring lead you to never assume that the “attacked” sub-set of society have actually suffered from the negative actions of others?

Always remember that the media is too often an enemy of the masses of common folks. Concentrated wealth in a few hands allow their ownership of corporations that have an unholy alliance with government at all levels and immense control over all aspects of society.


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I think "false flag" is a bit too ambitious. It's much more likely that it's some idiot trying to get their 15 minutes of victim-hood. Probably hoping they would get a go fund me for a few hundred k to help ease the suffering of racism.

If you had said "an effort at compounding the cultural landscape to influence political thinking" I could probably agree. But a false flag is uh.... Well.... It's just nuts.
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This is not in the least a false-flag, but the OP does sound a bit like a typical child rebelling against adults over things in life that are too far beyond adolescent comprehension. It also reads like the OP has been smoking the same shit JLXC had keistered many moons ago.

I'd help shed some light as to why things are the way they are, but this is a tired subject and I don't really have the patience over this medium to try and explain the obvious to the close-minded.

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Personally, I think the real FLASE FLAG is that Michelle Obama is a DUDE!
Anyone ever see his back???
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