Foggy Headlights!


Evil Fluffy says: I PEE IN YOUR SHOES!
What the fuck is up with people putting brights on in the fog?! Don't they realize it only makes things worse? It's even worse for the other drivers.

C'mon people. Think about it. Why do you think it looks whiter in front of you when you put your brights on in the fog? You aren't seeing further, you can't cause water reflects light and the result is you see worse than if you were to just move with your regular beams on. Better yet. use the fog lamps if you got them. that's why they are there. I can't see shit when other people drive with their brights on whether they are driving towards me or behind me. The fuckers think high beams solve all problems. Take a fucking driving course. the intrsctors there will tell you never put your high beams on in the rain or fog. Dont' use them when other cars are around in any weather. Using them in bad weather only makes it worse for everyone.


Brain Spout

Wizard No More
i hate people who over use high beams. high beams are for driving in the middle of no where where there are no street lights, not for driving on my ass in the middle of town.