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~Foodie Tuesday~


~what it is~
*1*Breakfast, sweet or salty?

--I much prefer salty; anything from omelettes 'n hashbrowns to french toast, but I don't generally ever crave the usual sweets; pancakes, waffles 'n syrup, etc, though it's occasionally nice with something on the side to cut the sweet, like sausage or scrambly eggs.

*2*Meat--a burger/steak seared up quick or something slow roasted?

--I like it all, including stuff on the barbie. Sometimes I'm into the seasonal thing though and, well, often save my slow roasting, more meticulous things for fall and winter, I guess, because I don't like fussing over a steamy-anything much in summer.

*3*Veggies--a little or a lot and how often?:)

--I love my veggies a lot; I mean I like all of them (except ochre is grrross), not just a few and I like them all the time, I always crave them.

*4*Spicy--mild/medium or hOT?

--I'm a mild/medium person, hot, well, I like some but only more mild-hot and to me there's a difference, nothing too crazy.

P.S. Yes, I'm very hungry, I'm making spaghetti tonight, I can't wait.


I don't remember you either.
1) A good mix of both. I like steaks and sausage patties and waffles with butter (salty) and fruits and cereals or waffles with syrup or ocassionally doughnuts. I'm good with a variety of breakfast foods.

2) I like meats served in a variety of ways as well. No real preference, just whatever mood I'm in or whatever I'm served by chance.

3) I like most vegetables, but the preparation is key. Onions have a very overpowering taste to me, so they have to be cooked somehow and used sparingly. I like my raw veggies too, but usually need a dip or dressing to make eating them more pleasant.

4) Mild. My taste buds have not been damaged from smoking, so they are still quite sensitive. Most people seem to think of the heat of a spice as a challenge or some mark of enviable achievement. I just want something to taste good and not hurt when it is exiting my body. That's just sensible, not wimpy, in my reasoning.
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1) salty… I like full traditional breakfast (bacon, sausage, eggs, mushrooms, baked beans, toast) but I don't often have that - obviously i am svelte! ;) usually i have 1 slice of marmite on toast and 3 mugs of tea…… i never eat sweet food at breakfast, it would just feel wrong to me, sometimes not even food, just shove a mug of tea in my hands and all's good…… and nobody gets hurt. I guess since i have milk and sugar in my tea, its kind of sweet… sort of.

2) I like steak medium rare and burgers anyway i can get em!

3) sorry, im still thinking about burgers.

4) spice, well i can manage a madras but draw the line at a vindaloo, i like a bit of a kick but still want to be able to taste other flavours, if i have a hot curry, i like to have mango chutney on the side as a cooling agent.

Oh yeah, vegetables, i love them, i microwave them in steam bags, peas, carrots, broccoli, I like them all, even sprouts… I always try to have some kind of salad or vegetable with my meal, sometimes I crave them.
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