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Other Forum Rules - Mandatory Read!

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Rules specific to the Pix Pen forum are as follows:
  • All photos are to be PG-13 in nature. Think FHM, Sports Illustrated, SportsByBrooks, etc. Bikinis are fine. Thongs are fine, cleavage is fine. This means we cannot see vagina, nipples, anus, or penis. No sexually explicit material will be tolerated. Period.
  • No photos may link to obvious porn sites. You must link to the pictures hosted on sites such as Ballsgohere, Imageshack, imgur, Photobucket, etc. Recommended: You can also download the picture from anywhere (usually by right-clicking on the image and clicking save). Then click and drag it into the editor to add it as an attachment on our server so that it never disappears as well (as can happen frequently on these external sites).
  • We will not permit images that have watermarks or tags from any porn sites. If there are any on the images you want to post, please edit out or obscure the porn site watermarks.
  • If a fellow member posts any pictures of themselves or someone they know, please refrain from making any inappropriate comments about them in this forum.
If you are unsure of any photos you wish to post in this forum, feel free to start a private conversation with an Admin or fill out the Contact Us form to get confirmation before posting any images. staff reserves the right to remove any questionable content in this forum at any time. All staff decisions are final.



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If you post porn in here, you do not pass go, you do not collect $200 DOLLARS. You head straight to permabanville. That means no more for you. Don't be an idiot.
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