Fraps Alternatives?


Hella Constipated
I have an issue with FRAPS that's driving me bonkers.

I've been wanting to get a recording of this one mission FreeSpace 2 for ages now, but I have this framerate capping issue, as well as a disortion issue.

So far, I have tried all of the following supported resolutions:


Every one of them caps the framerate at 10, and under 1024x768 it runs at about 5.

On top of that, I have static running across the screen that looks exactly like a TV with bad reception.

FreeSpace 1 has the same issue, and must be run in Software Rendering in order for it to function.

But the thing is, FreeSpace 2 has NO software rendering. You have to run it in Direct3D or Glide. And worse yet, Glide Wrapper causes the launcher to crash, so I can't enable Glide via a wrapper.

What gives? I have this problem with no other games!

FreeSpace 2 is by no means a demanding game. It was coded in 1999, and runs off DirectX 5. So to be honest, I'm at a loss for words.