freakin' parents


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okay, i was staying over my mates house, he lives about 1.5 miles away. i got dropped there, so at 7 i walked ( they were on their bikes(i told them to take the damn car) ) i reach my house half way, its dark, i walk through the back and make my way for my bike

'what are you doing'-dad
'getting my bike to take down to tonys'-me
'why not?'
'because its too late'
'why not im going down to tonys after'
'yeah bullshit how stupid do you think i am?'
'well your acting pretty freaking dumb'

thats it inside

the end. my nite, fucked, all my shit is at my friends and now im being rude. im not staying here, fuck it im out for the night.


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I got something like that.

I'm goin' to my friend's party tomorrow. - me
No, you're not, you're not going to make me a grandmother if I can't even get pregnant. - mom
Yea, and I'm obviously gonna go and make babies. He didn't invite any girls (tried to lie) - me
Well, if his parents arent' there, you're not going. - mom
They'll be there. - me
You can't go, end of story - mom

I hate parents.

I can tell they just want to ruin my life. Some families are like, 'Yea, you can stay as long as you need to, to get your life in order. My family is like, 'Can't you just turn 18 and buy your own house yet? I'm sick of trying to take care of you when all you do is hang out with your friends and go online.' My question to you guys, don't all high-school aged people do that?


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Hmm, he got banned for being an asshat, but I agree with him there. No point in resurrecting topics when there are new ones just like them.