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Free Beer for Geeks


Was machen Sie?
Free Beer for Geeks

By David Cohn

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02:00 AM Jul. 18, 2005 PT Beer always tastes better when it's free, or so the saying goes.

So leave it to a group of college students to find a way to make sure their beer is always free. Well, at least the recipe they use to brew it is. A group of students at IT University of Copenhagen have produced what they claim is the first open-source beer.

The recipe and brand of their beer is published under a Creative Commons license, which means anyone can use the recipe for pleasure or profit.

The only catch: If you make money selling their unique beer, you have to give them credit and publish any changes you make to the recipe under a similar license.

Their inspiration wasn't just to get drunk, but to see what happens when an open-source structure is applied to a universally known product like beer.

"Why not take the legal framework, the open-source licenses, and apply them on analog products?" said Rasmus Nielsen, a member of Superflex, an art organization that helped create the beer in conjunction with a student group called Vores Øl (Our Beer).

On their website, the students said they are interested in seeing how their beer will get better once it is out in the world, acquiring slight improvements as the recipe is shared. Vjores Øl hopes that the beer "perhaps one day becomes the Linux of beers."

...why not? lol read the whole thing, kind've cool.


Doesn't that require work though? I mean to brew? It's probably a lot cheaper just to buy the stuff.

I'm lazy today.