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Gaming Free Online MMORPG - Knights Online [NWN style]


Has anyone tried out Knights Online?

K2Network is pleased to announce the launch of ‘Free 2 Play” for Knight Online.
There will be no subscription fee required & no game purchase. All of the Knight Online game, updates and future expansion will remain free online.

Everyone is welcome to register and play Knight Online for free with newly designed website to showcase all the exciting new developments with the game.

The new website will offer variety of new features, along with new design and graphics, such as clan ranking and individual ranking. “Power-up Stores” will also be introduced and it will feature items designed to enhance playing experience for the gamers to play Knight Online.

New servers will be opened to greet new players very soon. Please stay tuned as there will be many exciting events happening around Knight Online!!
From what I can see, it seems very similar to Never Winter Nights, graphicwise, but used real-time based combat instead of turn-based. The textures seem a bit lower quality than the other newer online games, but I have seen some screenshots that makes it seem appealing. You can see screenshots over here.

I bet they're swamped with download requests and players now, so not sure how well it'll work for those who try it now. But worth a shot, cause the price is right -- free.


Hella Constipated
Wow...that's fucking cool! I'll start the download tonight!
I'm sure some slutbag will come up with the bright idea of making that one P2P also, they did with graal online and playercount dropped from 3000 to only 400.


Somewhere in the Between
That looks pretty cool. ::downloading::