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Who is happy its Friday!

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I voted that I was happy cuz now I can go drink some beer. But make it a mikes instead. :D j/k. Gadda love Fridays. Football games at school. woo hoo. :rolleyes:


The Stranger Returns...
i'm gonna sit here w/o a shirt on (cuz my room is a suana)
eat some snacks (cuz i re-lapsed back into starving myself and barely eat anything at all every day or 2)
play this game i rented for xbox: star wars battlefront (uber game, love it)

and i'll be up allll night doing this too, i guess, until i fall asleep and stuff


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
I had a strange day today (friday).

I was walking out of school and my friend was like "Taylor! Take a picture of us!" I did. Turns out that it was a band picture (My friend's band is Gorby, I know all the members and stuff. Just didn't know that picture was for the band.). They were all "OH EHM GEE, Traylor (yes, they said Traylor), you are so awesome at picture-taking." And I said "It's because I failed photo in 8th grade." And it's true. So they were like "Want to come to our practice and take pictures?" So I did. While they were practicing, they brought up that they were going to the studio today (the first time they'd ever been in a studio). Then they invited me (to take more pictures, because they were coming out well).

Long story short... I'm a roadie. :thumbsup:

It was an absolute ton of fun... just now I have to get up early and go paintballing tomorrow. Sweet.


:: What Ebonics ::
oh man..paintballing rocks ass....what kind of setup...gear do you have??? post pics if youve got em....ill try and get my pics you can see....anyways...ive got a date psyched about that....went to a mens club...ahem ahem.....talked to this one dancer for about an hr and a half....turns out shes a psych major with a minor in criminal justice....shes a junior....we talked about politics...religion...general it was great....i think im gonna go masterbate now....